turn based

  1. seangcrombie

    RMVXA Concordia Eternal

    Setting Many centuries ago, the world was ruled by a powerful demon named Malum. It was a dark time where demons ruled, and humans were their slaves. The four goddesses of Fire, Ice, Light and Darkness all traveled to the four corners of the world and sacrificed themselves to cast the almighty...
  2. Ina00

    RMVXA Hackventure RPG

    ◈ WHAT IS HACKVENTURE? ◈ Hackventure is a surreal adventure jrpg game mainly inspired by the Mother/Earthbound series. Its development started in 2019 and I'm currently the only one working on it. The game uses a traditional combat system, simple graphic in pure mother style, and a very rich and...
  3. RMMV Losers of a Rigged Game: Side Quest 3

    I got a third side quest up! Losers of a Rigged Game! Due to working so much I ended up with carpal tunnel. I've been trying to heal from that. I got a whole new ergonomic setup. I can do some low intensity stuff now! Until I heal. This is an improvement, combat wise, over the first and...
  4. HarlekinLehl

    [RMMV] Dungeon Rummage - Tiqee's Escape

    Content disclaimer: This game contents mild swearing and suggestive themes. Join Tiqee, a Human/Goblin half breed, on her adventures to escape the dungeon of Echeia. Find hidden rooms, use the hook to overcome obstacles and fight your way through enemies with a twist on the turn based formula...
  5. Bloodynewmoon

    RMMV Butterfly's Keep

  6. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Mana Star

    Itchio Page: https://vis-mage.itch.io/mana-star For the past several years, I've been working on an RPG project that's been heavily inspired by the Golden Sun series. It isn't a fan game, containing a completely new cast/world/assets/etc, but has been very mechanically inspired by the series...
  7. LordYltas

    RMMV Lord's Reincarnation III Released!!!

    Link to the in question! vvvvvvvvvvvvv https://lordyltas.itch.io/lords-reincarnation-iii After the great battle between God and Lucifer the world was thrown into a state of chaos. Many lost their lives while others survived to rebuild the world. A few centuries later, the world managed to...
  8. RMMV Side Quest: Nightmare Arena

    Hello, I am back with my second Side Quest. This one is called "Nightmare Arena." This one took me longer than the first one to make. You can thank Thanksgiving for that haha. That and Steam sales from Thanksgiving haha. It's still a short and sweet game and an improvement over the first Side...
  9. DestroyDX

    RMMV Turn based grid battle system

    I am making a game, and for this game I would like to have a turn based battle system that allows each actor and enemy to move along a grid divided into an enemy side and an ally side with skill ranges, area of affects, multi target and random selection depending on the skill used. Kind of like...
  10. Antilurker77

    RMMZ Door of Shadows [v0.4.1]

  11. ChampX

    RMMV Animals Of Bering (Demo Available)

  12. TheTrevisan

    RMMZ Euphorya

    "We must not limit ourselves, we must evolve, find the answers by understanding each other and evolve spiritually together." - Synopsis: Euphory is a planet of magic and freedom, here, you can be who and what you want. Between diverse races, thousands of genres, legendary warriors and gigantic...
  13. Parallax Panda

    Evented Battle system (turn based/roguelike)

    So, I'm thinking about maybe attempting to event my own turn based (on-map) battle system. Something similar to what you'd find in roguelike games such as Pixel Dungeon. With that said, I guess I should declare that I'm not new to RM, else someone will most definitely swing by and say that kind...
  14. Elyswer

    [2D RPG] Fabrication - Now Available on Steam!

    Fabrication - Ver 1.0.0 Engine: RPG Maker VXAce Fabrication is a story-rich turn-based RPG. In an effort to uncover the truth behind their recent schemes, a rebellion rises against the ruling authority known as the Government. You will play as four individuals drawn by this common goal...
  15. Guardinthena

    RMMV Astrafalla

  16. BrunoDeSN

    RMMV Alien Holiday

    SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS STORYLINE/PLOT SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT Hey, if you've reached down here: thanks for reading! The game has been in development for some months now, with a demo planned for the end of this semester, I'll try to post some relevant...
  17. sawworm

    Shattered Hourglass

    STEAM TRAILER STEAM PAGE SUMMARY In the peaceful mage town, Habon, every kind of mage you can imagine lived there, carefreely. Everything was in serenity for them, but not for the one kind of mage who can do wonders. A unique mage that can shape the future and can change the tides of...
  18. Ailius

    RMMV Elsbeth's Small World [No Travel Game Jam Entry]

    Content Warning: Implied Adult Activities This latest adventure ended in disaster for Elsbeth's party. The bard had attempted to seduce the orc tribe's leader and was killed for it. The rogue stole all the parties' loot in the early morning and skipped town. And the cleric decided the bard...
  19. mythbuilder

    RMMV Prime Maxima: Warrior - v0.8 LIVE!

    Synopsis An untimely death places you at the head of a high-risk mercenary squad in a bloody civil war. Thread the needle between savage battlefields and cutthroat politics as you uncover the truth behind your fallen comrade's demise. Master your arms. Rally your troops. Become a Warrior...
  20. Dragon Emperors

    RMVXA Lucerna Tenebris

    "Energetic teens, Rex and Regina, are starting out their first adventure, unaware of the fate within the darkness." This is a Work In Progress, bugs and errors can be found but we're improving it every week. Announcement We've updated the demo in our Itch.io! Check it out HERE About this...

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