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  1. RMMZ "Increased attack, lowered defense" based on Proximity

    Hi! I'm new to the software and I'm searching for one or more plugins that could fit the description of my game's combat mechanic. It doesn't have to be precisely how described, something similar is okay too :) I'm looking for a system for a turn-based RPG that allows the player and the enemy...
  2. RMMV Losers of a Rigged Game: Side Quest 3

    I got a third side quest up! Losers of a Rigged Game! Due to working so much I ended up with carpal tunnel. I've been trying to heal from that. I got a whole new ergonomic setup. I can do some low intensity stuff now! Until I heal. This is an improvement, combat wise, over the first and...
  3. AllosaurusNE

    RMMV INFINITE DREAM - group of nobodies gets transferred to a world of knockoffs

    INFINITE DREAM : The Best of The Best RPGs Out There! *** WARNING: Game contains flashing lights, crude language, intense violence, and adult situations/themes *** UPDATE: The game has just recieved a MAJOR content overhaul in a recent update, which further improves the gameplay experience...
  4. RMMZ Mind Games (Adventure)

    The demo version of Mind Games! The story-driven turn-based RPG where you solve the problems of others by going into their minds! Play it here in browser: https://bridiogames.itch.io/mind-games You play as Boy, a boy who wears bandages around his face, hates talking and likes sleeping. One...
  5. RMMZ Create a Custom Turn-Based Battle System (Movement + Range)

    Hey guys, I am new here. We are trying to create a custom turn-based battle system for our game. We would like to know if creating and mixing these concepts would be possible: Concept 1: We want to implement a tile based movement mechanic for both the player characters and the enemies. They...
  6. Adam1013

    RMMV Final Fantasy XI Braver v1.3

    THIS IS A NON-COMMERCIAL FAN GAME Version 1.3 *Contains 30 - 50+ hours of gameplay* Feedback and bug reports are appreciated and I hope you enjoy the project! Download Link **Updated as of 7/10/21 Braver Download **Join Discord for updates & assistance https://discord.gg/mMZRkbPxzj...
  7. ProjectMDZ

    RMMV Aurum Chronicles: Golden Heritage

    SYNOPSIS "Heaven. It's something we all can see but can't comprehend. What's out there? Is there something for us? Is it friendly? Or dangerous? Maybe that's something we'll never know... Or, do we already know it?" -Game's prologue. Aurum Chronicles: Golden Heritage is an upcoming...
  8. SifDoge

    Seven Dungeon [Dungeon Crawler RPG now available on Playstore]

    Hi everyone, I would like to inform you that my first release paid project now finally available on android only for $2.99. A short dungeon crawler RPG with capture and convert monsters system, here story and features of this game : ===Game Title=== Seven Dungeon ===Version=== 1.1.1 ===Game...
  9. Meowsticks

    RMVXA Untold Story (Demo Version Available!)

    Untold Story is my take on the JRPG genre, where a mixture of people come together and ultimately save the world. Players will take control of the main character, form a party with others they meet, defeat Monsters to get stronger, and discover information about the world. Untold Story is very...
  10. bjorn56

    RMMV Garage Ninja! [RPG] [Comedy] Coming Soon!

    If you are interested in playing the game, Let me know. Any feedback or ideas are welcome. Thanks for reading, Bjorn.
  11. anismstudio

    RMMZ Guardy Attacking - A Mediocre Adventure - Demo Link UPDATED!!!

    Hello makers, This game prototype has been created by me as an artist with the purpose of testing his skills and RPG Maker engine. All of the game writings and mechanics were produced with my maximum potential in those regards. The end goal is to create an RPG Maker Game prototype that looks...
  12. WheatTon

    RMMV Mana Khemia Style Skills/Combat System

    I am trying to make a game with a combat system reminiscent to the game Mana Khemia. In the game you have a turn order in the form of cards in the first one and orbs in the second. Certain skills can add cards/orbs to the turn order so that when it comes to the skills turn it does the attack...
  13. Norpoleon_IIme

    RM2k/3 Yär Kalden Nihyla - Eksoduz

    This is Yär Kalden Nihyla - Eksoduz, a little spaceship-economy simulation with turn-based ship battles & pseudo-CGA graphics. I crafted almost anything in the game by myself, including graphics & music. I was inspired by Organ Trail, Das Drachental, Dune, StrarCraft & Dark Souls. The world is...
  14. AeroFunk80

    RMMV Tales of Yuria 2: The Gilded Crown

    "Religion isn’t bad when put in the hands of those who follow it’s true teachings. It only becomes corrupt when wicked people pervert it to achieve their own selfish agendas." -Angelican Helena Rostling Engine RPG Maker MV Synopsis Introducing-Senn the Bard The Cast Features...
  15. Cerule

    RMMV Project Compass Demo

    PROJECT COMPASS DEMO SYNOPSIS Woe betide men who no longer reach out with the hands that they have been given. Project Compass Demo is a plot- and character-driven adventure in the style of traditional turn-based Japanese role-playing games. Much care has gone into the storytelling and also...
  16. CloudzChow

    RMMV Princess Miyumi and The Necro's Dungeon v1.3.5

    Warning: This game contains furry! OwO Play as Princess Miyumi, Sir Fargus and Milla as they delver through the forbidden dungeon where the evil necromancer, Rayner is hiding. Defeat all the monsters, get stronger equipment and defeat Rayner once it for all. Game Mechanics Turn based battle...
  17. Searching for a "Senpai" xD & introduction of myself

    Hey peeps! I'm freshly into RPG Maker MV and search for anyone who wants to teach me more about it. Just looking over how you work and ask questions about would help a lot. Short info about me: 28 Male and learned software developer for PHP/SQL Webinterfaces Sadly after learning that and got my...
  18. Renicon

    RMMV (Demo) Tales of Ephanor

    Hey guys! I just finished creating a demo of my game Tales of Ephanor. I would appreciate any feedback you guys can provide. The demo is about 1 hour long. SECTION A: SYNOPSIS DOWNLOAD LINK IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS
  19. kaleemmcintyre

    The Meridian Dance

  20. Star Isle Games

    RMMV Astra Rune -Demo 0-

    ASTRA RUNE Game Description To-Be-Add List SCREENSHOTS Story DOWNLOAD LINK

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