turn based rpg

  1. Elyswer

    RMVXA White Pearl (~25hr Turn Based RPG) w/ Sidequests + Crafting

    White Pearl Synopsis Screenshots Download Here: Main Characters Main Locales
  2. AlwaysPrinceLeo

    Maximum Battle Members

    Hello all, I'm here looking for your opinions! My current project, Chasing Justice, has 10 party members, with a maximum of 5 party members per battle. This means you can have from 1 - 5 people participating in a battle all at once. I do this because there will many many moments where the...
  3. RMVXA HetaliAcademy

    This is a fan-made game centered around the Hetalia universe. *(See notes below.) In the Stellar Trio’s first published game, HetaliAcademy, the personas of the countries of the world are forced to attend school. However, a few months into classes, countries begin falling ill. Eventually, only...
  4. Fernyfer775

    Eternal Twilight

    Disclaimer: This game is very challenging and requires a lot of attention to detail, strategic game play, and character equipment/skill management to succeed! Synopsis The genocide of the magi has begun. The Empire has spread it's reign around the globe. Why now though? After all these...

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A side story is almost getting into the next stage. Almost everything in this game has real-life references.
Everyday life is full of absurdity. This is just a reflection.
TFW you discover how the script batching works in VNMaker... after you've had the program for almost 3 years.

Writes that the characters have to climb a mountain.

Realized that I have to draw six sets of models where characters are climbing.

At least I know how to draw something. :)
I'm currently scratching my head on how to design plains. What do I even put in plains? Some trees (but not too many or it turns into a forest)? Grass? A few bushes? That's a bit dull.
I'm looking for tutorials but Google didn't seem to find much (or maybe I have the wrong keywords). I don't know how to map plains and I don't know how to learn.

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