1. James

    RMMV Siel Requiem (Demo)

  2. mythbuilder

    RMMV [RSE] Prime Maxima: Warrior

    Synopsis An untimely death places you at the head of a high-risk mercenary squad in a bloody civil war. Thread the needle between savage battlefields and cutthroat politics as you uncover the truth behind your fallen comrade's demise. Master your arms. Rally your troops. Become a Warrior...
  3. Is MV a good engine for this project?

    Hey everyone. I'm brand new to the forum and was hoping for someone to point me in the right direction or give some quick tips. I have had an idea for a game in my head for a couple of years now and I want to actually put in the work to make it a reality. My idea is a turn-based strategy game...
  4. Adventurer_inc.

    RMMV MaB: Shadow World (IGMC 2018)

    After six months of swing a wrench at Lecode's TBS, I had finally decided to reveal some sort of progress by creating a game in a month. This game is closer to a boss rush than anything else. MaB: Shadow World is a short Tactical 2D RPG inspired by classic JRPG and TBS games such as Final...
  5. zacheatscrackers

    RMMV OHMIC (Final version currently in production)

    Current version: Unavailable as of August 21st, 2019. The final release is set for late 2019-early 2020.
  6. Nobody King

    Environmental Battle Mechanics

    I've been thinking about how rare it is for RPGs to have environments that actually affect combat. The difference between a frozen tundra and an active volcano doesn't really exist outside of the enemies you encounter, they're basically just backdrops for the battle. There will be plenty of ways...
  7. Matseb2611

    Shuffle Scuffle - a browser game

    Heya guys. This is a small browser game I made over the past few weeks while in between large projects. It is free to play on Kongregate, but it makes its revenue from the ads, hence why it's here in the commercial games forum. So you can jump in and play it at any time. Trailer preview...
  8. FoppyOmega

    Forever Home - 50+ Hour JRPG on Steam

    Summary Release date: NOV 1ST 2017 Get Forever Home on: Steam, GameJolt, itch.io Developer: David Hunt (Pixel Blade Games) Genre: RPG [Single-player] Date started: 2004 Website: pixelbladegames.com Platforms: PC, other platforms TBA Price: $4.99 (€4.99, £3.99) Contact: foppydev [at] gmail...
  9. JamesRyan

    RMVXA Yggdrasil Chronicles: A Tale of Cindrivia

    Ryan Entertainment This is our first project about a turn-based RPG game and the second project using RPG Maker VX Ace. Despite of lacking experience, we have tried our best to make this, to test our skills and to enjoy our passion in game development. Your supports are the motivation for us to...
  10. Chaos Drift

    Hello all, Chaos Drift(v.1.0) has just released on Steam! Head on over to the Steam store to pick it up now for $5.99 (a 25% discount from the regular price of $7.99) First, I want to say thank you to this community. My credits are full with the names of many of you who have created...
  11. Orgaya

    Non-Turned Based Battle System?

    Let me know if this is in the wrong area. I've been exploring alternate battle systems to avoid having my game's combat turn-based.  I've looked into things like XAS and Falcao Pearl, but every example I've seen is usually very complicated (I'm incredibly thick when it comes to scripting) or...
  12. FarPine

    FarPine FarPine is a Planet that had peace at one point until all three countries (excluding islands) couldn't trust each other and had a lot of disappearances and murders in each country. They had investigated these murders and lead to all countries civillians. You're the college...
  13. zaxwlyde

    Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse (First music piece released publicly!)

      FIRST SOUNDTRACK PIECE REVEALED! AURORA BEACH! LINK BELOW! https://www.dropbox.com/s/0bil6bt1d6tdc13/Aurora%20Beach.mp3?dl=0   Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse is a Fantasy-RPG reminiscent of the old school Final Fantasy games.   The title is...
  14. Ultimacj

    Destiny of a Wizard 2: Beyond the Vale

    Hello again fellow RM players and makers!  UltimaCJ here letting you know I'm working on a sequel from my first game:  Destiny of a Wizard.  Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale picks up from the previous events of the first game.  If you haven't played it yet and don't want to be spoiled. ...
  15. redspark

    Combat Mechanics for Casual RPG

    I'm looking at creating a Sci-Fi RPG that involves Ship to Ship battles.    What is your preference for turn-based battle style? Traditional top-down turn based.  Player chooses action for each crew member based on their assigned station on the starship. Casual Match-3.  I kinda like this style...
  16. Matseb2611

    6 Different Types of Boss Fights

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about different boss fight designs and I kind of realised there are mostly a few set categories where most boss fights in turn-based combat games fit into. Moreover, if you understand what each category represents, you can then both make some interesting boss...
  17. CriticalGames

    [IGMC 2015] Tales Across Time

    Hi everyone!   I just wanted to add my IGMC 2015 entry to the RPG Maker forums. I've spent the past few days looking at some of the other entries (particularly the ones on here), and I'm really impressed! This is the first game development competition I've participated in, and making an RPG in...
  18. Josephkhland

    Side - Tactical Battle System

    How I want it to work :  The battle initiates, just like the default system a background comes in and the battle windows as usual. However there are now 7 "seats" - spots on the battle scene.  Positioned like this : @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @                                                 @ @    ...
  19. gruberik

    Hunter (Dungeon Crawl)

    DEMO LINK (FULL): https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvjos2hucm1cb5p/Hunter.zip?dl=0 DEMO LINK (RTP): *SOON*   SYNOPSIS: This game is set in a fantasy world full of unique monsters. Your precious family heirlooms have been stolen! Go get them back! You will descend into a dungeon where is floor is...
  20. BerryB

    Eucratons - Fallacies and Dreams - [Demo v.0.0.2 - Prologue Available]

    The first of Eucraton series that has been on drafting since 2008 and that designs are completely revamped and rebooted to fit the RPG Maker VX Ace current series. Disclaimer: Some level of hard language, violence and some level of crude speaking between characters. This contains some Mature...

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