1. .//SnowAlias

    [Closed for Redevelopment] Insindious: An RPG Based on Society

    Under Redevelopment. This post will be updated in the future.  
  2. noelburgundy27

    Tactics Ogre MP/TP Regeneration Battle

    Tactics Ogre MP Battle v 1.0a    Script by California Macky a.k.a. Neil a.k.a. mackintosh a.k.a. noelburgundy27   Description:   Replicates Tactics Ogre (Let Us Cling Together) MP and TP  Mechanics, where you start out with zero MP and/or TP, which you slowly gain per turn. That means no one can...
  3. YourClosetLlama

    SoulBound. Where will your soul take root?

    Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8kkds47fqz0ub1/soulbound-zac.exe?dl=0 Hello RPG Maker Community! This is a small dev team project, consisting of two members, so if we're getting good feedback then we'll continue to add to the game. We wanted to post a small portion of it to give a...
  4. HalestormXV

    Tabula Rasa (Small Demo Now Available)

    (Sorry Mods for the Double Submission - I forgot my Prefix and I forgot my Genere)   This is a free game that Nerd Storm Production (New Software Development Company) is working on. We currently have two games in development, one commercial and one free as well as the layout for a 3rd and 4th...
  5. TheAccrue

    Accrue's End

    Accrue's End   I've really only just started, but I thought I'd post a little something about my project anyway. Synopsis:  After his parents death, Kyo has been raised by his Godfather and dear friend Aldin for the past 7 years. The happy casual life is shattered when Aldin without warning...
  6. nelze

    The Insindious Project [Recruitment] - Closed for Redevelopment

      Under Redevelopment. This post will be updated in the future.
  7. Tatsu55

    Tales of Zashu Demo

    Tales of Zashu Tales of Zashu takes place during the time after the great war fought long ago.  After the continents merged, humans and animals fought a desperate war against one another for land.  Once it had finished, the land was divided by the humans and remaining animal races.  It is...
  8. R-Soul

    Instant Action Turn Battle

    RPG Maker has a default turn based system, in which the party's actions take place AFTER inputting all party commands. What I'm looking for is for a system that allows every party member to act IMMEDIATELY after inputting his/her invidual command. To put simple, if you have a party of 4 at...
  9. Ultimacj

    Destiny of a Wizard

    DESTINY OF A WIZARD Hello everyone I'm new to these forums and I ran into them while I was working deep on my very first game project:  "Destiny of a Wizard".  This was idea in my head for many years, even as a kid.  I've tried various game programs in the past, but none of them really ever...
  10. Sage

    Profit Motive: A Business Adventure

    Profit Motive Version 4.0 is out! Enjoy!! -Sage

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