1. RMMV Auto Passive State

    I need help for something I used http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Combo_Attack_(MV_Plugin_Tips_%26_Tricks) to create a Combo State. But the goal is not to use a skill who give the state My goal is to give to my character this Combo stat each turn and the combo state must reset to 0 each end turn...
  2. Mjolk

    RMMV Free Turn Battle System

    Hello. Is there a free (character select) turn system for MV like this?
  3. Changing the Actor and Enemy images in Olivias OTBs turn order bar

    I've searched high and low for this and I would appreciate it if someone has seen anything like it somewhere. It seems the vector shapes of the bar graphic itself can be commented out since the bar is drawn on an invisible window but I'm stumped on the images and their background shapes.
  4. t1slam

    Enemy uses skill despite condition becoming unappliable during the turn

    I am trying to create a mechanic where enemy has to prepare itself in two steps before making powerful attack, while player being able to stop him by dealing damage during the preparation phase. It works like that: 1. If enemy has no 'weapon prepared' and 'aiming' states enemy uses skill...
  5. Toggle Items Command On/Off while in Battle

    I've been scouring the internet for an answer to this for awhile with no clear result, so I'll make it as clear as possible so there's no confusion. I need a way/method to hide/remove/disable the Items Command while in the middle of a battle (imperative), and also to turn it back on again (less...
  6. How to have auto passive state for 1 turn

    Hello. I am new to RPG Maker and the forum, so let me know if anything is wrong. First, I am using MP like a stamina, so that it will be recovered every turn a little bit, but decreases when skills are used. I want a player/monster to be in stun state for 1 turn when the MP becomes 0, and...
  7. Hisao Shou

    MOG Battle Hud - State Turns not displayed for the player

    Hello everyone, I'm currently facing an issue with MOG's Battle Hud not displaying state / buffs / debuffs turns for the player. More precisely, I'm using MOG's - Honey Bee - Battle HUD, and I'm also using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core if this is any help. I just need the turn timer to be...
  8. Parallax Panda

    Stand Still and Turn

    I tried to make a system using Yanfly plugins that allowed the player to hold down shift and press down, left, right or up in order to turn the character without taking any unnecessary steps. This would give the player more control in some cramped puzzle areas. The first plugin used are Button...
  9. Lonewulf123

    State that forces user to move first in turn

    Hello, I’m trying to make a state that forces the user to move first in the turn while the user is inflicted with it. I know that there’s an attack speed trait, but it only seems to work with normal attacks. Is there a snippet that will cause the atk speed trait to work will all skills?
  10. Panda_Artist

    Script Request - A very simple turn indicator graphic above battler

    Hello Everyone I am looking for a way to display a small arrow graphic above my actor battler in battler when it's their turn. I am using the default battle system, with Galv's animated battlers. Is there a way to do this? I would not have a problem with this, however I am using a cursor...
  11. ovate

    PlayerShiftTurn (Turnaround)

    PlayerShiftTurn - Version 1.0.1 (2016/07/09) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Player can turnaround Features - While holding a certain key [shift by default], change direction of player's facing from arrow key. - Parameter for KeyName control (shift or control or tab) - Player does not have...
  12. styx92

    Olivia - Order Turn Battle System: <Custom Start Turn> Bug

    Hey Guys, as the topic names says, i have a problem with the Order Turn Battle System in collaboration with Yanflys Buffs and States Core. If i use in a state the <Custom Start Turn> tag, than the tag always applies at the beginning of the Round and not at the specific actors turn. This also...
  13. Tamsyn548

    Edit Yanfly FTB to have unique icons for each actor

    I need help with Yanfly FTB... https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Archeia/YEARepo/master/Battle/BattleSystem_FTB.rb ...to make each actor have a unique turn icon. In this screenshot There is only one type of icon at the top. (BTW, Andromeda has two moves, that is why there are four gears.) But...
  14. EncryptedKnight

    Rogue Port - Red Nightmare

    Synopsis : Discover a modern open world where animals have mutated due to a past nuclear war. With your dog by your side, learn new skills and phychic abilities to defeat hostile animals and alien invaders in order to save your friends and family. Story : After a meteor crashes nearby, you...
  15. TheObermotz1

    Skipping a turn in combat.

    How does one inflict a condiction on one of their own characters AND deal damage to an enemy with the same ability in the same turn? From what I can see, it's only possible to inflict a condition on your enemy (and your enemy only) as you're attacking them or inflict a condition on yourself but...
  16. Gravemaster

    Battle Time script

    Hey, I'm looking for a relatively easy script with which Google and the forums have been surprisingly unhelpful (either that or wording it properly on the search is really difficult). I want a simple timer at the start of the play's turn in battle. Once the timer runs out, any characters that...
  17. NotFlamingo

    Battle turn counter

    Howdy, could anybody help me to implement battle turn counter in the regular side battle system? A small window in the top right corner shows how many turns were made in battle. It should renew after every turn. I don't know how to display variable value during the battle without stopping it...
  18. Rhaeami

    A way to promptly end the player's turn

    The title is purposefully a bit vague, because there are a number of potential solutions, but here is my problem: I'm currently using Yanfly's FTB battle script, which allows you to freely scroll left-and-right through your party members entering commands in any order. I use this to simulate a...
  19. leoroura

    Move after player?

    Hello! I'm new to these forums ^^ The truth is i've been struggling with this for a good time now... I started a roguelike proyect on my RMMV and i made it to generate random maps with monsters and items. What i want now, is to make the monsters move every time my character does. I don't want...
  20. Lunarcomplex

    Script for End Current Turn in Battle?

    I would like to create an auto battle system, similar to inflation RPG. You encounter an enemy and you attack first, then they attack, and it repeats, you don't really have any other options. In order to do this without plugins I'm trying to force the player to attack which can be done with an...

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