1. Kes

    Get followers to turn, not just player

    You know the situation, the player plus followers arrive somewhere, something happens and you set the move route so that the player e.g. turns right.  The followers, however, could be facing in any direction, depending on the path taken to get to this point. Is there a way, maybe a script...
  2. Help with tracking turn count in battles

    So I've used the search function to try and answer this question first, however the only thing I could find was this by DoubleX;   In this I can see that the "BattleManager" keeps track of the case 'turn' but I'm unsure of how to call for this info. Is it as simple as "if...
  3. Jogabba

    Disable player turning up or down?

    Hi! I was wondering if there's any way to prevent the player to turn into certain directions. For example, I want to disable the Up and Down arrows in a certain map, allowing the player only to face/move left and right. Remember that I'm not asking only to restrict movement in certain...
  4. Silverskin

    RMMV .

    [Last Update: 1.11.2016] Welcome, game makers! This topic is about the game "Point Zero". Point Zero is an RPG which I would compare mostly to a mixture of Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and League of Legends. Below, you can find the newest updates and trailers to the game, which will, according...
  5. Adjust remaining turns of specific states in battle

    Hello, good holiday everyone. Please check below spell script. I'm using yanfly's buff & state, skill core scripts. I want to complete ??? part. How can I increase or decrease specific state's turn? I should be very grateful to you if you might help me.
  6. YEA - Free Turn Battle BUG

    Hello there, I'm having an issue with the "YEA - Free Turn Battle". I'm using it with the TheoAllen's side battle system. When I finish a battle and the gold/exp is received, every window close, the monster sprite reappear in the scene and then the transition goes from battle to map. Is...
  7. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Problem with Victor's ATB script and custom slip formula

    Hello, I have a small trouble with Victor's ATB script (This one) and Victor's custom slip formula (This one) You'll see, I'm using a custom formula for inherent MP regen <custom mp regen> b.mmp * (0.05 + (b.luk.to_f/1000)) </custom mp regen> The problem is how Victor's ATB script is...
  8. Demi_Fiend

    Extra Turn Battle System

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to recreate the battle system used for skirmishes in Devil Survivor. Basically, when a character hits an enemy's weakness or scores a Critical Hit, they get to act again after everyone on the field has performed their action. This rule also applies to enemies. Just...
  9. Turn Systems?

    Hi, I''m having troubles deciding what Turn system I'd like to use. For all I know, the only turn systems out there are: (Speed/Agility?) System (Pokémon, Persona, Early FF etc.) Where whoever has the highest Agility/Speed stat goes first (with the exception of Pre-Emptive attacks and...
  10. TNID

    Seeking Help! Battle Turn Lag - only on one project

    Hello MV community. On a brand new project with no plugins, battle damage wait time and wait time between turns is very well paced and fun. The problem is my main project the damage wait time and turn wait time seems about 2x slower. I have no idea what is causing this. Even removed all plugins...
  11. ViviCJ

    Battle Event - Length of turn for limit break

    Hi there! So I am trying to create a limit break system using TP on RPG MAKER MV, However, Whilst using Yanfly's ATB/CTB plugin, my battle event can't seem to tell when it is the end of Actor 1's turn... Let me explain: When Actor 1's TP is = to 100, his attack command is hidden and...
  12. MakoTorii

    Character Turning Around Before Moving

    By default, when you want your character to move to a direction, it just does that without concern on the previous direction you were facing. From -- >  -- and directly to -- >  For example, the character was facing up then you make them move down. It just directly shows the sprite facing...
  13. Mr. Trivel

    Tiny World

    You play as a <Character Class> who found himself/herself in some world. Uncrossable river, seas, mountains, there’s no escape and so he dives straight into a dungeon to search for an escape route from it. Knight - Sturdy warrior from unknown lands seeks to escape back to them...
  14. DreamX

    Instant Turn Battle System

    Battlers perform actions instantly in an order decided by their agility. A turn ends after each battler acts. The order will be adjusted in-turn if a battler's agility is increased or decreased. This means that an example action order could be Enemy-Actor-Enemy-Enemy-Actor-Actor-Enemy. Script...
  15. Naveed

    YEP ATB Turn Time

    I'm using Yanfly's ATB plugin for my game and I'm running into a problem. My states and buffs have a turn time and since its an ATB battle system, they are obviously now tick-based. However, the buffs and states are ending too quickly. With an attack buff of 5 turns, for example, I can barely...
  16. McTone

    Battle Animation through Battle Events

    Is there any way to force an animation on party members in battle through events (the show animation command only allows you to choose enemies, and the show animation command doesn't work in battle events)?
  17. Health, MP, TP Bar Plugin Request (MV)

    -----PART I----- Okay so here's my problem: I always thought that the TP bar was a strange feature (A limit bar of sorts?). It seemed to either be a hit or miss type of thing, depending on the game you're making. What I propose is a way to make not only the TP bar but also the HP and MP bars...
  18. Silent Darkness

    Turn Counter Plugin

    I would love a plugin that makes it so that a skill, when used, instead of having the effect it would normally have immediately, runs a turn counter, performing it's effect when the turn counter either counts up or down to a certain number.
  19. Use an item without ending a turn?

    Something I wanted to do in my game is make it so when you use an item it doesn't end your turn, but rather uses the item, then takes you back to the skill select with the item command no longer being selectable. This why I could make support items like grenades and such to use in conjunction...
  20. CharcoalKidd

    Concede additional moves?

    If I have an actor set to "Action Times+: %100" so they receive an additional move, is there any way make a skill concede this move and end the turn early? I'm thinking along the lines of having characters that attack three or four times, but have an "Execute" skill that ends the turn and...

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