1. [ACE] Does anyone have Yami's Predicted Charge Turn or Charge Turn Battle?

    Yami's been inactive on his blog and his dropbox links are down. I was wanting one of these for a side project.
  2. Mahoken

    How do you make a skill like Future Sight (Pokemon)?

    How do you make a skill like Future Sight from Pokemon? You use the skill, and then after a set number of turns, it hits the enemy.  I found a Charge Skill script, but that makes it so the user can't attack or make any actions until the attack hits. I want it activate, and then about 3 turns...
  3. Remembrance of Time (Demo Available)

    I'm creating a game using RPG Maker VX Ace with the use of Victor Scripts. I really loved the style of Chrono Trigger and I wanted to try and create a game with similar mechanics. I'm creating a kickstarter for this game to get a feel for how many people are still interested in these style games...
  4. ZoroarX

    Inside a Map - Player followers turn at sides

    Hi there, this is ZoroarX here. Today my question is: How to make the player followers turn a different sides? Like, when I use the Set Move Route and I make other events and the own player turn left, right, up or down it's easy but what about the Player followers? How do I do it?

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