turned based rpg

  1. JacobM

    RMMV Last Boy on Earth (IGMC2017)

    Prologue Fifty years ago there was a great war. Both sides were equally matched in weaponry and might. That's when the alchemists arrived. With their dark magic, they created terrible beasts that quickly became uncontrollable. They indiscriminately attacked anything and everything and soon both...
  2. Andronius

    RMMV NORMORT QUEST! by Andronius

    Synopsis This is Rune, a realm of incredible beauty, sprawling wonder, mystical heritage and, in some places, ancient evil of unimaginable power. Ten centuries of peace have ruled the land, and the Dark Days are now forgotten. The vast forests and sparkling rivers are full of life, and commerce...

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Got a nice little platform coming along backwards compatible with MV.
I'm so amazed at this ABS plugin for MV. This is a plugin that can literally fulfill my biggest game dreams, creating an Ultima VII-like game. Below is a video of a quick scenario I created to test out the plugin. The music in the video is my own composition.

The MZ Steam discussion board is filled with so much whining. Glad I never have to go there, or to any Steam discussion board. Anyway, here's something awesome:
I've been meaning to create a better trailer for my game but it takes time, so for now all I got is the same old trailer with updated footage:

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