tutorial development

  1. nio kasgami

    How to Extends / Alias / Overwrite existing class in MZ/ ES6 [Tutorial]

    Hi there! As MZ is now officially confirmed to be full ES6 us programmer can now use the ES6 javascript as the official javascript coding standard. ES6? what is the differences between ES5? Well here's a quick look at how class are defined in ES5 and ES6 // ES5 class function Scene_Dummy() {...
  2. Macgyver831

    Forced menu movement

    I'm looking to create a tutorial that works as a sort of cutscene. I don't want the player to have control outside of progressing dialogue. It would play out like: Open menu screen, dialogue, cursor moves to equipment, opens tab, dialogue, more cursor movement and such. Is this possible at all?
  3. Canini

    Creating a collection of "realistic" animal events

    As I have been working on my game I have developed a fairly large list of animal events that behave in a "realistic" fashion. Rabbits running away chaotically when the player gets close, dogs barking and wild horses running in a herd when a character comes near. I want to make a tutorial thread...

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