tutorial request

  1. Need tutorial for making a commercial game

    I want to make a commercial game. I need to know what standards I have to keep in mind to get my game released and making money on platforms like Steam, if any. This is not an opinion thread on the viability of this plan. I simply want a tutorial checking all the necessary boxes, if any, that...
  2. thekenbaum

    Extra Turn Bard Skill

    I'm developing an RPG Game, I was wondering if it's possible to make a skill for my bard that uses a lot of TP and targets one of the allies and (with a 10% chance) makes it so they get to take an extra turn before the enemies. Would this be possible?
  3. Oriceles

    Mack to VX character conversion tutorial?

    I'm sure I've seen this in the past explaining how exactly can you crop some pixels to make them chibi. I know Mack format are just XP bodies with VX faces, the problem is about resize XP bodies. I Google'd about it but I only find utilities that increase or decrease the frame size of the...

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