1. Oscar92player

    [HELP] Deploying a game for Steam Deck

    Good day, everyone, I've been making a bit of research on this, based on the fact that RPG Maker MV you allows to deploy games on Linux. However, I've found a few issues when trying to do the same for Steam Deck, which uses SteamOS (basically, Linux). I don't think the tutorials and help...
  2. How do I do the following event

    The player can select characters by pressing Left or Right button. An image with 2 arrows should be displayed. One points to the left, one points to the right. Now the player can fill the arrow on the left side by clicking the left button, and depending on the amount filled, he gets another...
  3. heroslegend

    Picture Based Menu - Video tutorial Series

    Hi all, I try to make RPG Maker tutorials from time to time. I think this is a really useful series that can add good flair to your game with minimal code and mostly using eventing.
  4. How can I make a “pick your gender” system?

    Hey all, I’m making a game where at some point in the start you choose to play as a male character or a female character. But it’s not as simple as your character will either be male or female. I’m wanting it so you choose between two siblings, and both siblings are in the story of the game, but...
  5. TheRamenGirl

    How to make a Chasing Event Through Multiple Maps - Tutorial & DEMO

    Hello everyone! I found a kinda easy and 100% working way for Chasing Event(s) Through Multiple Maps and i decided to share it with everyone since the 2-3 tutorials/videos i found were kinda hard, and I read many comments "complaining" about them not working properly.. I'll try to explain it as...
  6. nbgamemaker

    Puzzle tutorial.

    So i'm planning to add puzzles to some of my dungeon, and would love a tutorial to teach me how to make it so that players can't progress to another part without using a key item.
  7. Build an RPG from scratch. Ep4 - Actor, Class, Skill Set Up 1 28/05/22

    Episode 1 - Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail. In this first episode of the series we begin our rm journey. We start out with basic project management and setting up our projects.. Requirements: RPG Maker MZ HackNPlan.com (or any other project management software) - No link because I'm unsure...
  8. Kitten2021

    How to create a Battle Tutorial event - within a battle

    Hello, I have someone that has never played an RPG Maker game before, and I am trying to make a game specifically for him to enjoy - but I am running into a bit of a confusing issue. I would like to run him through his very first battle with a tutorial, you know, the whole "We're against XYZ...
  9. [VXACE] How to show picture after press start game before transfer to map

    Hello RM members, could you help me please, how to show picture and SE after i press start game but not transfer yet. The action like this: [title] > push start game > show picture (ex: a intro page) (with smooth transition) > push again > remove picture > SE > then normal transfer to map...
  10. tammie

    Creating Basic Downed Poses

    If you need a sleeping sprite of one of your characters, it's fairly easy to do with RM's chibi characters. More realistic characters may not work so well with this guide, but it's perfect for RTP. This is only a basic edit; look elsewhere for complex re-spriting. Essentially, what you'll be...
  11. Cawkmage

    Making better pixel art for my game.

    To cut straight to the fat of it, I need a tutorial on drawing better pixel art. I have been thumbing through the forums, trying to find a tutorial on drawing better art. I drew up some stuff that is... OKAY in my opinion but it could be soooooo much better. I am not a pixel artist, but I do...
  12. airair396

    Reverse HP gauge?

    I want the enemies in my game to have a gauge that starts from 0 and when you attack it keeps going up and then you win when the gauge goes to 100! Lol is this possible?
  13. DestroyDX

    Luna engine help

    Hey there game makers! Just got luna engine and was wondering if anyone can give me a detailed explanation on how to use it for menu screens. Don't need a battle scene tutorial. Also was wondering if you can use it on screens that are added through plugins like yanfly's quest journal.
  14. How to make my game so it can be played on android and uploaded to play store

    I finished my game and ready to test it on my android. Problem is some of the tutorial are outdated, so I need a latest tutorial on how to make this work. I am a noob at programming and don't have any idea how this work
  15. HiddenAlchemist

    Creating a Geomancy / Terrain Skill with Events in MZ

    HiddenAlchemist's Geomancy / Terrain Skill with Events tutorial for MZ! Brief description: This is a tutorial on how to remake the "Geomancy" skill from the Final Fantasy series (also called Terrain or Gaia). This technique lets a character "draw magic from their surroundings" and produce a...
  16. Lyonel_Dangue

    Making Cinematic Black Bars (Borders)

    Hey, guys, I want to share this cinematic black bars I made, its very simple and was made for the resolution 1109x624 (Default - 16:9). Create a Parallel Event on the beggining of the game and make it show the picture I made (See Spoiler), configure the picture to appear at Center (600, 300)...
  17. Daphne04

    Help variable script call: QTE [Solved]

    Hello everyone. I ran into some issues while following the Eventing a QTE: Time Hits Minigame tutorial by Hiddenone. (I use VXACE, but the tutorial is for MV.) For most of the tutorial, everything worked the way it was supposed to. But at the 'Checking if the player hits the goal' part, it...
  18. Laughterofman

    What's the general consensus on tutorials?

    Disclosure: I'm a newb. I bought RPG Maker MV on steam sale about a month ago. That said, I've invested heavily into it (time, money, and research). I am using a ton of Yanfly plugins, as I felt that they helped convey the kind of game I would want to play, and therefore make. Problem is, there...
  19. Pandappuccino

    How to Make a Card Matching Game Without Scripts!

    PREFACE: There are probably easier ways to do this. This is how I did it, but you can experiment and come up with your own solutions; I mostly did this just to see if I could do it without any help. One of my favorite little mini-games in a classic game is the N-Card from Super Mario Bros. 3...
  20. desertbriar

    Mapping and Map Design tips

    Hello! I made a little guide on mapping techniques I use. This may or may not be more advanced as it assumes you know some of the basics of the map editor. This tutorial doesn't cover autotiles, I don't really use them since I prefer more detail with manual mapping. I usually draft my maps in...

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