1. Demure_Hero

    Tutorials & Included Plugins are missing

    To whom it may concern: I downloaded RPG Maker MZ a few days ago. I am looking foward to learning how to use it. I am already down to 18 days on the trial. Sadly, the Tutorials and included plugins are all missing from the download? Or maybe they are just not showing when I open the program? I...
  2. Andar

    FREE Need Screenshot Creator for Tutorials

    Hello everyone, many of you know me and the tutorials that I have written on this forum over the years. I am considering reworking and updating several of them, as well as writing a new one (How to event a battle AI). However if I do so I need someone else to create fitting screenshots to the...
  3. Parallax Panda

    Advice/Tutorials on creating an CMS in RM2K3?

    I’ve made CMS systems in other engines before, but never in RM2K3. It does seem like the perfect engine to do it in though, with it seemingly more flexible eventing system and increesed variable/picture cap (compared to later makers). The only thing that I think is really missing is a ”Draw text...
  4. DawnStar

    RMMV In desperate need of a step by step guide to creating Scenes and Menus.

    I'm no beginner to programming, I have experience with Python and recently I've started studying Javascript to use in RPG Maker, so far I get the general logic of how things are done in the base scripts and how to modify them via aliasing, but I've been having a lot of trouble figuring out the...
  5. Kino

    JavaScript Map Object [ES6]

    You can find the original post here. The Map Object In ES6, JavaScript added a new Map class. The Map class is very similar to the standard object class, with a few differences. Today, we’re going over when to use and why to use them. Why Map Map, unlike the object class, does not have extra...
  6. How to make a scene from a diary?

    I am trying to make a scene where the player must read a diary, but the diary has several pages, therefore it is a set of several images in which, when the player presses a button, it goes to the next image and so on, but I am having trouble doing it, like for example if I put it on the action...
  7. oolongdistance

    Should I Buy VX Ace?

    I bought XP a couple years ago, and while it works just fine, there isn't much content for it anymore. Every time I look up things like "RPG Maker XP custom tileset" I only get results for content of VX Ace and MV. There are also a lot more VX Ace tutorials around than XP tutorials, and that's...
  8. Switches and events

    Yo, can someone give me some advice as to how I could use switches, keys, and program basic events? Thanks
  9. Aura_Gamer

    RPG Together

    Hey RPG fans(if it's too hot :rswt) I decided to create a new youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB-KQgs6KPS4BZwWq1D0DhA channel to.......... will think about it.......... just make some cool RPGs together. I'll upload my first video today if no OGRE eats my laptop; not me as I'm myself a...
  10. KB

    Can't Create intro Cutscene

    Hi, I downloaded RPG Maker XP yesterday because I was interested in trying to make a commercial quality game. I'm having a little trouble, though. For one thing, I know that it's possible to create intro cutscenes because a demo game I downloaded had them, but the tutorials I've watched are...
  11. rataius

    Enemy Difficulty Based on Player Level, W/O Plugins

    I had this brilliant idea, and it may have already been posted about but I did some digging and didn't find anything related to what I'm going to talk about here. So Without further ado allow me to share something I came up with. Originally this formed out of a problem I had in the past when...
  12. Neo Soul Gamer

    NeoSoulGamer's First Impressions and Tutorials

    Hey guys! Recently, I've started a YouTube channel that mainly consists of RPG Maker content. I haven't really mentioned this outside of a few Discord servers because I wasn't sure if people would enjoy the videos. I also wanted to make sure I had a little bit of experience before I start...
  13. Milennin

    Tutorials - Tell me about yours

    Tutorials, one of the most disliked aspects in games that do include them as mandatory content, and oftentimes the subject of ridicule for games that handle them poorly. With most people being aware of the negative stigma that tutorials generally hold, we still know that they're in most cases, a...
  14. Shikashi

    Pixel Art & Animation Tutorials

    Hey! I found these pixel art gif tutorials very recently and I thought other users here could make use of them too. There's a lot of variety in the stuff covered - pixel art fundamentals, colouring, walk cycles, tilesets, portraits, attacks, etc - with a focus on animation. The artist who makes...
  15. HELP! Quiz Battle System

    Hello, I am using RPG Maker VX Ace and I wanted to know if I could change the battle system to be multiple choice questions much like this: I know I can do this with events but I am desperate to do this in the battle system, I need it almost exactly like the video above! Any plugins or...
  16. Heindal

    Two tutorials for JS game development

    Hi guys, I have some experience in coding. So far I coded a lot of html 5 games / add-ons for Battle for Wesnoth. I have a small app developer degree, but so far I don't code for work, I code in my spare time as hobby. I however have a radio show (as hobby) as well and as I was looking for...
  17. Quick Question on tutorials

    So I've been making a game and was looking over the tutorial I made. The game is open world, with a very non-linear story line meaning it has almost endless gameplay(not literally but something similar to runescape). It has multiple 'skills'(I call em skills, but they are not your generic...
  18. Skunk

    A list of Youtube channels that focus on RPG Maker.

    Ive compiled a list of some of my favorite RPG Maker youtubers. Im sure there are lots more but these are the only ones I have found that focus on rpg maker. (With exception for driftwood as he also dabbles with GMS) Let me see what channels you guys depends on. CHANNELS! Echo607 - Some...
  19. Llareian

    Tutorial Videos Gone?

    Hi, sorry if this is kind of an obvious thing, but it seems that the update eliminated ALL of the video links in the tutorials? I didn't know if anyone was aware of it yet, but when you go to the tutorial posts, there just...aren't videos. Not even broken links...no links at all. I'm guessing...
  20. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Part 1 : Objects

    Introduction When developing plugins in RPGMaker MV (RMMV), there are two things I tend to use often. Those two things would be arrays, and objects. Objects are the focus of today’s post. In RMMV, objects are used for a couple purposes: namespacing, holding data, being used as a class. All of...

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