1. ovate

    com_sho Nightmare Tilesets

    With permission from コミュ将 (com-sho), I'm reposting tilesets zip here. Here's a Nightmare Tilesets where you can create creepy atmosphere, obscure tones, and surreal rooms. Gif preview- Gears, TV, Noise, etc Zip includes- characters: !$TV | ghost parallaxes: Horror 1-3 tilesets...
  2. Xirania

    Xira's Hairstyle Trims

    Hey everyone! I got RPG Maker MV pretty recently and though I love the character creation tool, I've found it to be severely lacking in the hairstyle department. To top it off, finding rear hairstyles for download seems to be near impossible, so I figured I'd make some edits to create more...
  3. CodeHunterEx

    Game Inspiration

    Mostly everyone gets their inspiration from other games, but I wonder, has anyone received any inspiration from television or movies. Maybe a book they read? To make this a bit more interesting, lets remove some that I don't think fit: television shows and movies based on games: Final Fantasy...
  4. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    !!! STV_MonsterCards v.0.61 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Update: Description: This will add a simple Card Collector Game to your Project. - Create/Add your own Cards! - Create your own Booster Packs! - Cards split into 3 different Series! - Each Card has unique stats like ATK, HP, DEF. -...
  5. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_SetItems

    !!! STV_SetItems v.1.2 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Updates: Description: This will add the ability to create Armor Sets Items which will give specific Bonuses/States to the wearer. PasteBin: DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hs9l6fmrv4j4c92/STV_SetItems.js?dl=0 Terms of Usage: Feel...
  6. Mando Jetii

    Help me find plugins for custom top view characters & ABS (RMMV)

    I'm trying to find a plugin that allows you to specify additional character animations. I've looked at Galv's Character Animations plugin, which allows you to specify idle, walk, run, & jump animations but doesn't allow for custom animations. What I'm looking for is a way to play an attack...
  7. NarikoStudios

    Generator Add ons for Characters

    Hey I'm looking for generator parts that would be used for characters in my project does anyone know where to find outfits like these four are wearing? Art is by Terrorchan http://sta.sh/01w449hmxzun http://sta.sh/0qkq9ydpf3b http://sta.sh/0wgulqhqpya http://sta.sh/01d44mkvcfgh I'm...
  8. NarikoStudios

    Help with Sprites

    Hey, could anyone please help me with finishing this sprite sheet? I've got custom poses from whtdragons post but I can't figure out or make them into who i'd like so if someone could help me edit these that wold be a big help thankyou, could someone help me also add in his katana for the...
  9. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_BeastBook

    !!! Beast Book v.2.5 !!! :Author: SkottyTV (Thanks to Yoji Ojima for the base idea) Latest Updates: Description: This will add a Beast Register to your Game including - Achievments! - Kill Counter - Animated Enemies - Drop Items - Skills ...and many more! Screenshot: Commands...
  10. DreamingRach's chars and stuff

    starting small ^-^ All free to use in both commercial and non-commercial. No credit needed to me needed: originals: edits:   Alternate characters Made it to make it easier for me to change colours, feel free to use. No credit to me needed, edits of MV. The files have several layers and...
  11. Jxkl5

    That Empty Feeling After Finishing a Series

    Have you ever had that empty feeling after finishing a series of any kind? Usually it happens with movies and tv shows, but once in a while it occures from a book... The Book of Three series, for exmple, could have gone on forever.  After finishing that series, I wlaked around silent... alone...

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