twitch plays pokemon

  1. Enelvon

    Twitch Plays RPG Maker (A Truly Vile Ritual, v1.0)

    Twitch Plays RPG Maker v1.0 by Enelvon Introduction This grimoire uses my knowledge of dark magic to channel the corrupted power of the internet's denizens into RPG Maker. By trapping their essences inside the engine, they are forced to play the game to the best of their (questionable)...
  2. Jomarcenter

    Twitch Plays (Insert RPG maker Games here)

    Alright after watch Twitch plays pokemon (Link: for a while I was thinking what is the best RPG Maker Game That will really going to be a gameplay mess when doing the same as the Twitch plays pokemon Style Gameplay? And also give a reason why that game is...

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