1. Damaris

    [RMMV] (Twitch Integration) Seeking User Input Solution (and general advice).

    So for a bit of fun I've been working on integrating an RMMV project into my twitch stream. I'm not too experienced with Javascript and my RMMV knowledge is a little rusty - so I thought I'd turn here for an assist. It's a pretty simple setup so far but it's borderline functional - The issue...
  2. Lerralith


    LINK DELETED If you like his content. Please stick with us! What games u love to play?
  3. marshzd

    Streaming My Game Creation

    Hey guys, I'm streaming the creation of my RPG on twitch. Feel free to come help, support, contribute or just WATCH and enjoy.
  4. PrismPoint

    Player Recording Detection

    Does anyone know if a plug-in exists to detect if the player is using window recording software on the game and affect switches/variables? I want to make some quality of life options for people recording and streaming my game, and would like a way for my game to know automatically if it's being...
  5. HawkZombie

    HawkZombie's Twitchtastic Times with RPGMaker

    Hello! I'm HawkZombie, a goofy, irreverent, and somewhat excitable Twitch Streamer. I've been streaming RPG Maker & Indie games for over a year, and I plan on going until I either croak, or Twitch does. In the past year, I've created an awesome Discord Community, a solid following on Twitch, and...
  6. Streaming gamedev on my RM MV game on Twitch.

    I'll be using this topic solely to announce when I'm on. I'm hoping that my gamedev sessions motivate you to do your own gamedev as watching others doing gamedev inspires me in return. Suggestions and feedback are welcomed. I have a thick skin so I don't mind you being honest or blunt. Click...
  7. jerseyware

    Anyone watching EVO 2017?

    Currently swapping between Injustice 2 and BlazBlue Central Fiction, waiting for GGXrd2 Top 8s to start. Anyone else watching this goodness?
  8. Faceset/Charset Edit Request [MV]

    Hello all! I am looking for some mods to be done on these sets that I made in the RPG Maker MV generator. I'm trying to make a sprite based on a person here so I do have pretty specific ideas. This character needs to have a small brown spot in her right eye in the lower right area. I have an...
  9. Simon D. Aelsi

    Unofficial InterStream Alliance (RMW, RMVXA)

    (I figured this might be a good place to put this since this isn't really about RM. If I'm wrong, I apologize to mods.) Hello, everyone. It has come to my attention that we have a lot of talented people streaming, whether they do art, game development, let's plays, and much more. I also...

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