1. Canini

    Using character blogs as promotional marketing

    For those that don´t know, character blogs are a form of promotional material that purports to be written by a character from a game/book/film/whatever, in-universe and from their perspective, altough there may be a quite a bit of fourth-wall breaking as well. It used to be a quite popular...
  2. MushroomCake28

    Twitter community

    Hey, since I will be publishing soon, I was thinking of starting marketing a little bit. I just create the twitter account for my game studio. If you have a twitter for you game studio, follow me! And I'll follow you. Looking for the indie game making community there! My twitter is: Kamo Studio...
  3. MakoTorii

    "Upcoming Support Tools Development"?

    (PS: Topic title was gotten from Google Translate) I'm not sure where to post about this, but I just saw it from the Japanese RM Twitter. 

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