1. atoms

    Who thought the first two Paper Mario games were really fun games?

    I remember playing them a long time ago now and they are still part of my child memorises. I use to really enjoy the first one and the second one. I played the third one too, I enjoyed it but felt the first two were the best. I never played the others but heard they didn't seem as good. Maybe...
  2. dnel57

    No Two Tile High Doorway

    Just wondering if anyone knows why there is no two tile high clear black doorway for two tile high doors.If you stack two single doorways, there is a bar in the center. Thanks
  3. Ari


    I want to know how I can make two events on the same character. I want to make my character be sent to a village as a request from the characters mom. But after the character returns, the mom is found dead and character reacts....etc. Can anyone help me do that?
  4. PhoenixX92

    How to have two boats on one map?

    How do I go about putting a boat down in two areas on the same map? I have two closed in bodies of water, and I'd like to be able to have a different one in each place. Just an example picture there, the bodies of water would be completely separated from the deep waters, so the same boat nor...
  5. MeowFace

    Trap events with 2 trigger types

    Made this script on a request here. Feature: Allow events to be triggered when the player is On & Beside it. Though it's a bit tricky to use, this allows developers to build traps that can be disarmed without having the player to trigger the traps first. How to Use: [1] Place the script...
  6. PhoenixX92

    Two character skills/Team attack

    Anyone on here have a script for skills that take two characters to cast? For example, a spell only works if two specific characters are in battle and they both select the skill on the same turn(similar I guess to a team attack?) Only cast once if both characters select it,  and fail if only one...
  7. Zacyia

    A forum Beginners Question!

    Ok, I'm guessing this has been asked before but here goes: How do I make a spoiler? That thing that can hide or show information? I warned you! Beginners Question!
  8. Two-Layer Castle

    Hi guys, I know this is a noob topic but I can't figure it out how it works! I loaded a sample map with a two-layer building but when I try to map one it doesn't work.   Here is a screenshot so you guys know what I mean. Thanks for your help in advance!
  9. Archeus

    Linking two events together.

    I'm not an expert at RPG Maker VX Ace just saying...  So here's the thing: I want to make a tree that can disappear after chopped down. But the tree graphic has got TWO tiles. So is there any way (or script) to link them together so that I can use a self-switch that affects both of them and...
  10. I need a script for dual-wielding in RPG Maker XP?

    Thought I would get what I needed here : http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/22121/t844367-need-dual-wield-script/ but of course, the link the replier gave doesn't work.... :( Looking for mainly the two-handed weapons use an dual wield. I want it to be realistic. I don't want a sword in right hand...
  11. Dacuna

    Two Blocks High

    How do you make characters two blocks high? I don't want to make them squished to one block. I'm not sure, but are you supposed to put a ! or a $ before your character image, such as !$Characters? I can't seem to do it right.
  12. Two-Part naming system, Level-Up class changing, etc.

    Hi there everyone! My first post here, just getting used to it. Onwards to the topic, I am currently working on a game in RPG Maker VX. The system I want to implement is that when you first start the game, you choose a prefix to your name, and the second part is automatically set the same as...
  13. TheDrifter

    Penalties for not wielding weapon with 2 hands

    Greetings, In my project, I'd like to add more realism to weapon wielding. I'd like to use tags in the noteboxes of weapons and shields to give bonuses and penalties for wielding equipment with only one or two hands, depending on each item. For example, John likes swords. Wielding a Longsword...

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