1. ThreeSixNine

    Yanfly Item Categories: Removing an armor type from all armor

    I am using Ellye's Class Change Equip plugin to allow the player to change class through a piece of armor. I am wondering if there is a way to remove this specific armor type from the list of all armors so that they don't show up under the Armor category. I have already made a specific...
  2. Is it possible to create non cast animation skills in SV mode?

    So I tried to create a skill called "double attack" (self explanatory). However, if I dont classify it as "Special" or "Magic", the skill simply doesn't appear in battle. If I classify it as Special or Magic, then sure, I see it in the battle, but the character using it does the "casting"...
  3. Vis_Mage

    Pokemon-Style Types

    Hello! I was hoping someone could help me create a script that can assign "Types" to enemies. To better explain, types are just the monster's defensive element. For example, all Flying type Pokemon are weak to electric, rock, and ice attacks, while resisting steel and fighting attacks, and...
  4. Amy_Lizzy

    (Question) Two-handed weapons on MV

    Hey everybody, I'm new here. I hope it's the good section to ask my question. I tried to search the answer but I haven't find it. Usually I have no problems in game making on RPG Maker. But recently, I wanted to create my own database, and deeply. And for the game I'm currently developping, I...
  5. Llareian

    Weapon/Armor Type "None" useless?

    Hi everyone. I want to verify that what I think I'm experiencing is true. If an armor's "Armor Type" or a weapon's "Weapon Type" is set to "None", does that mean it cannot be equipped by anyone? I had expected type of "None" to mean it could be equipped by everyone. It seems instead that if...
  6. Add a second default attack?

    Hi there, Looking around but couldn't find an answer for this specific situation: How can I add a second default attack? Or how can I let a character use a skill with no type? For example, this is the default: Attack -> uses "Attack" skill Magic -> opens the menu for skill type...
  7. Emperor DragonBreath

    Equip Skill Types

    So basically, I need to find a way to give other jobs, or classes in my game the ability to equip the command of another job. Like Black Mages being able to equip White Magic so they can use white magic when they normally couldn't. Anyone who has played the Bravely games knows what I'm talking...
  8. floralContemplation

    A few basic, but unusual ideas.

    Salutations, I'm working on a small game for mainly a few of my friends and I was wondering if the following ideas would benefit the game: Gems: So, since the game will have multiple characters, I wanted to make each one of them fresh and unique, but why should I do it, when the player...
  9. Matseb2611

    6 Different Types of Boss Fights

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about different boss fight designs and I kind of realised there are mostly a few set categories where most boss fights in turn-based combat games fit into. Moreover, if you understand what each category represents, you can then both make some interesting boss...
  10. OM3GA-Z3RO

    Different type of bosses, thoughts?

    I wish to get some thought through all this because I wish to make boss battles appealing for the gamers of RPGmaker. In the coming game that TOOM is making we have thought of different Boss types (No not elements or racial types) speaking of what approach they are and what difficulty they are...

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