1.  Masked 

    Schach - Parsing

    Schach - Parsing | v1.1.0 | by Masked Introduction This is a core library for text parsing. This script does not provide any functionality by itself, only functions that ought to be used by other scripts to make sense of generic user input. For more details on motivation and advantages, see...
  2.  Masked 

    Schach - Pathfinding

    Schach - Pathfinding | v1.0.0 | by Masked Introduction This plugin provides implementations of shortest path algorithms that can be used directly with game characters on the map or on generic graph structures. The image on the top of the topic is from the original paper of the Rectangle...
  3. LunaTechsDev

    LunaSense - RPGMakerMV/MZ Intellisense

    Hello all, it's Wednesday again; this is Kino(EISKino) from the LunaTechs team. Today, we're bringing to you RPGMakerMV/MZ IntelliSense for use within your project whether you're making plugins or just doing edits to one, this will come in handy. The instructions are similar to the ones we...
  4.  Masked 

    RMMZ Parser combinator library

    Hey there \o So, I've been working on a little "core" plugin for parsing, and thought of sharing it here to gather some feedback and ideas. Hope you enjoy :kaohi: What is a parser? On a general sense, a parser is a program that analyses strings. If you're a programmer, you're probably...
  5. LunaTechsDev

    LunaTechs - LunaLite - RPGMaker MV/MZ Typescript Documentation

    Introduction We are a small team of plugin developers that have come together to create plugins and tools for both RPGMakerMV and MZ. Our initiative is to provide a large selection of open source, free, and paid products to help the community. As part of that effort, the LunaTechs are...
  6. CG-Tespy

    CGT Nametag Background

    CGT Nametag Background MV By CG-Tespy Introduction This plugin allows you to have Yanfly Message nametags be drawn with specific pictures of your choice, rather than a window.png. I created this due to a request by Cursed Atelier (the devs of VoidBound), and I figure now's a good time to release...
  7. nio kasgami

    How to get comfortable with typescript for your game.

    This thread is a "plus" to the current thread made by @Dr.Yami here but will go more on the "Game Dev Aspect" on the shot when you are not making plugin for anyone else or truly intend to use other people plugin. So this thread is for show you how you can get "comfortable" for dev  your game...

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