1. Archeia

    Scripted UI Tutorial Series

    Scripted UI Tutorial Series (Google Drive Link) A collection of tutorials on how to create or modify the JSON layouts inside Visual Novel Maker. The UI is created in 1080p. This tutorial is a collaboration between @Dr.Yami and @Archeia. Video Tutorial will be coming as well! You can access...
  2. Kino

    JSON Formulas and UI

    Hey guys, I'm wondering how formulas work in depth. I'm trying to use formulas to generate the properties of the UI elements, such as the text on buttons, but they don't seem to do anything to the current UI. It works for simple properties like text in ui.Text, but when I use them on buttons...
  3. Black Noise

    [Request] More Battler Damage feedback

    As of right now, in games made with RPG Maker MV, when monsters or actors suffer damage in battle, they have the typical little number pop-ups over their heads to indicate how much damage they've taken. Simple. Elementary. 'Gets the job done. However, this leaves a bit of inconvenience for...
  4. TheTitan99

    Add "Apply" to every "OK/Cancel" set of buttons.

    Description of the Feature: A very minor change. Every time the editor has "OK" and "Cancel" buttons, there should also be an "Apply" button placed to the right of them. So, every time, it reads OK, Cancel, Apply, instead of only sometimes. Mockups: Why is this feature good? Muscle...
  5. Servidion

    (Moghunter Plugins) Need to reposition BattleHud

    So I'm having the same issue as this guy way back in 2015: And even when I check the website it simple says to "use the custom positions", but... how? I have no idea how to activate one of the custom positions. Is there some setting I'm missing where I set it to position 2 or 4 or what?
  6. Guru Goro

    Creating a custom GUI.

    Hello, I just recently purchased RMMV through humble bundle and I am having a blast! I am learning so much everyday! I have so many questions, but the big one is something I can't seem to figure out. I want to create a custom GUI using, let's say, an image from the Envato market. What do I...
  7. Lantiz

    User interface plugin

    Biter_UI v1.01 By Lantiz Discontinued.
  8. PHAZE7

    Phone UI

    Resource Type: User interface. Maker Format: Ace (but I guess it doesn't matter). Art Style: Ace RTP. Description:  I'm looking for a resource pack or similar that I can use to make a menu that looks like a phone, something that has the phone's border, screen background, and buttons...
  9. Etienne Vallée

    Bigger notes box in Database (MV)

    Hello everyone! I was watching this video from Yanfly :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvGz7_7CoMk and I saw something I would like to be able to do myself. If you look at 1:37 of this video, you can see the notes box of the database. It is bigger and it would be easier if we could make...
  10. crowhound

    What in game UI customization options would you want?

    Alright so here is my question for everyone on the forums, if someone was to make a UI script for the menus in game what would you like to be able to customize. I mean for RPG Maker MV. Examples Placement of all the HUD Background images Have animations of some type. Examples are...
  11. Mr. Trivel

    Actor Portraits in Battle

    Name: Actor Portraits in Battle Version: 1.1a Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-18   What does it do? Shows Actor's portraits/battlers in battle.   Video:     How to use? Put actor images into img\system folder...
  12. Dream Syrup Games

    Graphic Shop Screen request

    Hello, I'm working on a project for MV and I need a customizable shop screen. I created a couple mock-ups to show the general idea of what I want it to look like, but, of course, I understand the final product may not look exactly like it! It was inspired by the feel of Persona 4 and Persona 3. ...
  13. alennor

    UI tutorial for RM?

    Hello everyone! Just wanna ask if somebody out there had any tutorial list for UI designing for RM? Or if anyone can give me a pointer as a beginner?  Thank you!
  14. HintonR

    Modifying AltMenu2

    I was hoping someone could help me clean up the Main Menu a little. All I would like is to reduce the gap shown in the circle. I would like like the Class, HP/MP/States following the Portrait without such a large gap -- just normal padding, like the other elements on the menu. Thank you.
  15. HintonR

    Modifying AltMenu2

    I was hoping someone could help me clean up the Main Menu a little.   All I would like is to reduce the gap shown in the circle. I would like like the Class, HP/MP/States following the Portrait without such a large gap -- just normal padding, like the other elements on the menu. Thank you.
  16. Morpheus

    Does this UI fit in RPG Maker MV?

    So I made a script that displays an image whenever you hover over an item or piece of equipment. Im also using Yanflys menu and item/equip menu script. Do you think its a bit redundant to have 2 clashing UIs for this? Does a WoW style UI fit if you are making a game? 
  17. Morpheus

    WoW Styled Item UI

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could make it so that there is a UI for items like this that when hovered over with the mouse give a box of (customizable) information like below pic? I know I'm asking for alot but if i could get anything like pic related that'd be awesome
  18. spitnik11

    2 User interface questions

    I am aware of how to edit the interface however I would like to disable a few things such as the transparent widow color as well as removing a few menus including the health menu as well as the weapon, armor, and key item tabs in the item screen, the pictures will show what I mean, I just want a...
  19. More Detailed Save Screen

    Good morning! I'm looking for a script that would show more data on a save file; specifically main character's name, playtime, and some variables. Why? I have a game that I'm using in my public school. Because the free data space is very limited, a single class has to use a single save...
  20. Menu Suitable for 5 Members

    Good afternoon! I'm very close to a release for my newest game, but I have a 5-member party and the menu can only display 4 characters.  I'm looking for a script that lets me see all 5 members in the menu. Ideally, similar to Yanfly's Party-sized menu script for RPG Maker VX Ace. It...

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