1. YvetteJene

    Reccetear-Like Shop window UI.

    Hey, everybody-- I currently have a shop system set up where the PC can set out items and sell them to customers much like the game Reccetear. However, I'm lacking the User Interface required to make it seamless. In Reccetear, the game relies on a base price, a percentage mark-up, and the end...
  2. Kiboto

    Hide in-battle Status menu

    Hi all, Does anybody know how to hide the battle menu? I'm choosing player and enemy actions with AI and I want to suppress action selection, as well as display of the HP, TP, MP message window at the bottom of the screen. The status menu object seems to be called from many other methods and...
  3. Kazyn

    Modding the battle UI "slightly" with "rolling" digits...

    First off, hello everyone, : ) I tried getting into ruby back when VX Ace was the thing, but with the arrival of MV and some prior knowledge of JS, I'm looking forward to seeing this as an opportunity to start fresh. So, I wanted to try my hand at a plugin that does what I'm currently...
  4. Mr. Trivel

    Multi-Layer Boss Health Bar

    What does it do? Boss can now have a multi-layer health bar. Meaning it won’t just go to empty, the layers will deplete 1 by 1 until the bar is completely empty.   Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Multi-Layer Boss Health Bar Created: 2014-10-31 Version: 1.2a   Video: Health bar design and art...
  5. Madalin Vlad

    Mr. Faux GFX shop

    My portfolio for samples: MADALINVLAD.NET   As payment fluctuates, it will be discussed with the client before and/or after the job is done.   Usual prices: Logo: 20$ GUIs: 40$ Business cards: 20$ Banner: 10$
  6. Can't find a way to change menu size from a script

    hey guys, So the problem is, I'm making a horror game, and i managed to take all the extra options that wont be used, but I can't change the size of the menu, its still using the whole screen. Here is a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/3xzlk1 And this is the script I'm using...
  7. Help Request: Inquiry about Scripting (VX Ace)

    I am CptTori, a current newbie of the forum. I am really curious about the scripting for RPG Maker VX Ace. I really want to create a system for my RPG. I was thinking about making a “Character Design” User Interface, as well as a quest system and a “Statistics” Thing on the Menu. I desire to...
  8. thecretanhound

    Standard UI Replacement

    Hey cats,  I have my UI art assets, All I want to do is swap one for one with the Menu items currently in the game engine, will I need something like YANFLY's menu system to do this or would I just put my Png files in the systems folder and name them accordingly. If its door number two what do...

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