1. callmedan

    [XP] How do I trim Ccoa’s UMS gap?

    When I use a command of the script, it will leave a gap at the end of the message line. The more command you use, the bigger the gap will get. It’s okay in normal window mode, but it’s not cool in FIT_WINDOW_TO_TEXT mode in my opinion. Is it possible to trim the gap and how do I do that? Ccoa’...
  2. S C A R

    UMS script error

    I am getting an error "Script UMS line 1175:NoMethodError Occured. Can someone help me with this? The script was working fine till now. T_T
  3. slimmmeiske2

    [XP] Trying to use Ccoa's UMS and Fukuyama's Caterpillar script

    So I've been using ccoa's UMS for a long time now, but in my current project I'm using her comic style messages. Everything works fine, except for centering the messages on other actors in the train. I tried using her caterpillar script, but it gave me errors, so I decided to use Fukuyama's...
  4. starlord

    CCOA's UMS For VX Ace

    Hi Guys! I've posted a request like this long ago and since there was no progress, I decided to post another request. I've been wanting a UMS conversion for VX Ace for a long time now. I've tried considering Yanfly's Message System but it'll be needed to be tweaked or something for me to be...
  5. starlord

    UMS for VX Ace

    can someone translate ccoa's ums for vx ace, I am not that fascinated with other message systems made.. can someone do it for me? pleasee

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