1. Indinera

    Some news from ksjp17

    You may have heard about one month ago about ksjp17's injury. I got some news that he wishes to share with you guys and gals of the RPG Maker community. The bones are healing well, but the tendons and ligaments are much slower.  He will be starting a lot of physiotherapy soon which will...
  2. Kes

    Undefeated - Now on STEAM, Android

     This popular old-school RPG, made in collaboration with Aldorlea Games (http://www.aldorlea.org) will see a Steam release on Friday (April 3rd, 2015) - with a special 15% discount for a week.  http://store.steampowered.com/app/332390 This release marks a milestone for Aldorlea Games as it is...

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I didn't think I'd spend the evening jamming out to the battle theme of a Hole Punch.
Welcome back to the dark era, where everything is in dark mode!
I'm not complaining! :o
Currently without internet due to storm damage and most of our state is devastated. No idea how long I'll be unable to log onto here, but I'll answer questions as soon as I can.
This is supposed to be pso2 photon blast inspired animation
I'm sure this question's been asked before, but I can't find an answer: is there any way to run the Steam version of RPGMaker *without* being logged into Steam? It's a frustrating extra step sometimes.

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