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    World Map Collection (the lost art of the rpg world map) These are ABSOLUTELY FREE as they are rtp edits. Please, Enjoy! What's this all about? In this thread I will be posting (at random) any WORLD MAP tile edits I make as I begin to experience the wonders of 48x48 tiles. I usually...

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SpaceX: First-ever successful (manned) commercial spaceflight!! In these terrible and self-sabotaging times for the world, that's a ray of excitement and hope I needed badly.
GameDevJohn wrote on whtdragon's profile.
Hey I used you bunny and cat spritesheet for a game jam game. Thanks so much! You have really beautiful stuff here. I'll credit you at https://gamedevjohn.itch.io/bunny-boy
The video of a psycho chasing people on the streets with a sword before getting subdued is wild. Apparent screenshots of his Twitter feed (EDIT: confirmed by Dallas police) before it went private reveal a dangerous delusional mindset. I heard there was a bow person too. The crazies are really coming out of the woodworks.
Stream will be live shortly with some Witcher 3, followed by a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!

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