unexpected token

  1. TheEnderDraco

    RMMV SyntacError: Invalid or Unexpected Token with Message Core?

    So I have installed quite a few plugins for the game I am currently working on, and just installed Yanfly's Message Core plugin. Now, upon starting the game and inputting the character's name, it immediately gives me a syntax error when before it was working just fine. This occurs even when I...
  2. billocity

    Syntax Error on Battles

    Hi, I'm getting the dreaded Syntax Error Unexpected Token in my battles since adding a couple of new Yanfly plugins. It happens when an enemy or hero makes an attack in battles (weirdly, it works just fine if I guard instead of attack). Here's what my plugins look like now. I thought it might be...
  3. SilverDash

    Weird Unexpected token with newlines

    This does not work MM_POI.prototype.makeSaveContents = function(){    return    {        id        :this.id,        name      :this.name // <<< SyntaxError: Unexpected token :    };};This does: MM_POI.prototype.makeSaveContents = function(){ return { id :this.id, name :this.name...

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