1. jigida70

    Having fun with RPG Maker, Unity, and Daz Studio

    I've been playing around with Unity, learning how to develop in VR (once you know what you're doing, it's not much different than developing in regular 3D). Decided to take some of the Unity animations (from Mixamo), export them as WebM, and use them in RPG Maker for battler animations.
  2. HisInfernalMajesty

    Jumped over from Unity to see what I’ve been missing...

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to commend you on such a fantastic community. Just wow. I’ve worked in Unity for some time now, around 6 years, as that’s where I cut my teeth on modern game development. I am old enough however that I learned PASCAL and Basic in high school computer science. What...
  3. Gagz9k

    Hi my people!!

    My name is Alexander Hass! I don't remember to ever introduce myself. I've been more of a ghost user than an active one, but a few weeks ago I'm finally started working on a game done in RPG Maker, so I'm hoping to have a bit more to day in the community. My first copy of RM was on '97, a...
  4. nathanlink169

    RPG Maker MV Dialogue Editor

    (apologies if this is in the wrong place. I tried to find the right place to post, but this seemed the best place for it.) Hi all! I just finished a thing and I wanted to show it off! I made a Dialogue Editor with Unity which will output a part of a JSON file. I can then open a Map file and...
  5. Seeking Casual/ Social Gamers to Alpha Test a Game

    Title says it all. Please drop me a message for more information! It's in the casual/ social gaming genre, if you're wondering. And it's a game that allows you to create your own "game objects" and place them in your environment. Of course, all aspects are currently in alpha test mode, which...
  6. Tokumei No

    Quick double question: about Unity and copyright

    Hello everybody. I was wondering about using Unity to make some small, simple videos for my VX Ace project. So, the first question is: would it be legal to implement such a content in the game?  The second question is about the subject of the videos themselves: do you remember those...
  7. Cabygon

    Goats on a Bridge [Updated Version 1.3 Available]

    We've finally managed to prepare as much as we could of our game and uploaded it for the contest @_@. We hope you enjoy the game if you're interested in giving it a whirl. The game's based loosely upon the 3 Billy Goats Gruff fairy tale. We've unlocked all levels for the purpose of this...
  8. andrew

    In Arcem Miseria - Tower of Misery [Complete and SUBMIT]

    See the submission and download here! About the Project A parable told as a lesson turns into a grim reality for young Benjamin as he must now climb the mysterious "tower of misery". A steampunk-style game of puzzles and exploration, reach the top of the tower and learn the true meaning of...

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