1. Saikazo

    Uncaught Error

    So, I installed Yanfly's Dragon Bones Integration plugin and it worked perfectly. However, during the battle, I noticed that one of the character's weapons were messed up (using Yanfly's Weapon Animation Plugin, I had a Scythe Weapon, and the block animation would clip into the screen.) So I...
  2. Torqus

    Unknown Items / Identify Scrolls

    Hi. The idea is something similar to what you see when you play Diablo. You don't know what an item does until you identify it. (The Scythe isn't identified, so you don't know its properties. When not selected, it shows a red background like the wand there) (Diablo 3 unidentified items)...
  3. ImmortalTowel

    Not sure how to explain this...

    So I think I pressed a button in the software that made the battleback spin and I'm not quite sure how to change it back...
  4. Kevin O'Ryan



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