1. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Event Extension

    ICF-Soft Event Extension - Version 1.00 by ICF-Soft Introduction Add more conditions to events giving more flexibility. With this plugin you can add extra conditions like more switches, unlimited selfswitches, unlimited mapswitches and versatile variables. Mapswitches are special...
  2. Grayborders

    "unlimited tilesets"?

    Hey and happy holidays to all. So my question is very noobie but i found this in the VX ACE description: "RPG maker VX ace has support for unlimited tilesets, whereas RPG maker VX could had a limit of up to only five tilesets" My question is how? i read around google and i found somewhere ace...

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I'm in desperate need of environment sprites and tilesets for my game. If anyone is interested please DM me im willing to pay.
All badges and prizes for the Let's Make a Scene Heart Edition event SHOULD be out. If you participated and haven't received either or both, send me a PM.
I've played Dragon's Dogma recently. Now I know the feel when you play RPG but without fast travel or vehicle to roam around.

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