1. Xavi_2073

    How does Degica Shop Work? Help

    I am attempting to buy RPG MAKER MV + RPG MAKER MV - ADD-ON PACK, but the mailing address is somehow incorrect. How does Degica Shop work? Like will they send a download link, email, activation code, or mail? Is it required to place the exact address as the Credit/Visa card? I recently...
  2. Quick Settings Specifics?/Suggestions for creating stat ranks?

    I am considering using the "quick settings" to do a rank system, i could just make my own ranges for this kind of thing but i'm curious as if anyone knows how the quick settings work (like, what are the specific ranges for the A B C D E are?) Being honest seeing how seemingly nobody has asked...
  3. robby214ty

    Fighting out of battle? (RPG maker ace lite)

    Hey, I am unsure if it's possible, but I was thinking of making an rpg game, but instead of when you fight you go to the combat screen, you equip different skills (1-0 all are gonna be hotkeys, and basic attack is click) And you can fight enemies on the map itself. Like, they are walking around...

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