1. Stuttering/Lagging after Project Update

    Hello, I'm about 100 hours playtime deep into a project started a long time ago, running off 1.0.1. After realizing there was an issue couldn't be solved until I updated it, I followed the instructions on this thread to do so. The issue itself was solved over time, but ever since updating the...
  2. Pushing game updates to users without the need for a full download

    My apologies if this question exists already or this is the wrong area for this. I am currently developing a game using RPG Maker VX ACE and have moved onto Version .2 of my game. My issue is that in order for my testers to access the updates, I need to compile the game and then upload it to...

    RMMZ Auto updater for RMMZ?

    Hey devs, I've been looking around for something that will allow me to have players update their game without having to redownload the game all together. Does anyone have a plugin that can do this? (I've already tried using SRD_AUTOUPDATER but that doesn't work.
  4. EncryptedKnight

    Windows 10 Update 2-11 Black Screen on Test Start RMMV Remedy

    After installing Windows Updates (see screenshot below) on February 11, 2022 I got a black screen that wouldn't go away while trying to test my project in RMMV (non-steam version). After uninstalling these three updates I was able to launch my project without a black screen. I am not entirely...
  5. prehistoricstudio

    Help please, how to update your own game and save the game is not lost or has errorproblems.

    Help please, how to update new event ,new maps, new content, new characters for your own game and save the game is not lost or has error problems.
  6. CrisR82

    Request for having DLC Update Notice

    I would like to request a feature for either the site, Twitter, Facebook, email or whatever else would be convenient - a separate notice posted every time a DLC on RPG Maker Web's store is updated. Steam users have it the easy way - auto update, nothing to think about, but the rest of us that...
  7. collection 'ii-quantum'!

    I recently contacted RPG Maker Web on Facebook asking if the collection 'ii-quantum' will be ported from MV over to MZ, I was swiftly told 'A lot of them will work as is.' but 'Battle Animations though are one that are hard to do when the original pack wasn't created using the particle engine...
  8. Snarkyfork

    How do update RPG Maker MV to the latest version?

    I assumed I could just re-download it but I can't seem to find the download links for content that I have purchased. I bought RPG Maker MV in 2018 I think on the old version of the shop site. Where can I access purchased content? Or is there another place to download the update?
  9. Milennin

    Bug [Bug] Variable in Skill description not updating

    I came across this one, as I was testing out a new Skill. I have a variable displayed in my Skill description, and when the variable's value changes from one turn to the other, the Skill description still displays the old value. It'll only update once I first move over to another skill and then...
  10. senmingwu


  11. Future Updates for my game

    Hallo let's say I finished the game and i upload it and people start playing it . But i want to add updates to the game after like adding new maps new charachters and items and missions to the game and the people who downloadedthe game can play on the new updats (versions) without having to...
  12. nintendowii111

    Plugin to delete a save if game was updated!

    Also to warn the player on the title screen. I'd love for , after game is updated, for a simple popup to come up on the title to just say "Old saves are not compatible with new version. Old saves have been deleted".
  13. Load my Saved Game with updates

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to balance my game with combinaisons of armors/weapons etc.. I have a lot of them and it's quite long to build up my characters so i decided to save a game with all my characters stuffed etc.. But my problem is when i want to change something on the editor such as...
  14. Load Game with Updates

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to balance my game with combinaisons of armors/weapons etc.. I have a lot of them and it's quite long to build up my characters so i decided to save a game with all my characters stuffed etc.. But my problem is when i want to change something on the editor such as...
  15. Variable Update in Skill Description Issue

    So I'm eventing my own skill level up system via common events and what not. It works fine but ooooone little issue. I have it to where in the skill's description, it displays \v[1] to be the variable to showcase how many you need to level up the skill. Problem is, despite the skill adding to...
  16. DiegoAngelGamer

    If I release an update of my game, how can my users update it without losing their game?

    As the title says: I release an update of my game that includes some new maps and events, my users see it at my page and download it. How do they update the game that they had without losing it? If you want specific information, just tell me. It's urgent, please, somebody help me. - Diego
  17. Quintus

    Timed Attack Arrows not showing up

    I'm using the plug-in SRD_TimedAttack_Arrows from http://sumrndm.site/timed-attack-arrows/ The plug-in loads a sequence of arrow images that the player has to press the corresponding arrow keys with in order to do extra damage on an attack. However the first time I use it the arrows do not...
  18. Help with Yanfly Plugins?

    I have the RPG Maker MV Version 1.5.1. I’m trying to use the updated versions of Yanfly Plugins, but I get these errors. Can anyone help? Also at the top it says I can't use the Quest Journal Plugin because "I have project folders lower than 1.5.0"
  19. MushroomCake28

    Where do you guys publish and to you deal with updated?

    First of all, let me clarify that I'm talking about commercials AND non-commercial games. Let's start with the first aspect of my quest: where do you publish? Steam? Itch.io? I know there are many sites to publish indie games, but I'm curious in your pick. Is it only one place? Or you try to...
  20. MushroomCake28

    Question for those who published on Steam

    For those of you who have published on steam, I'd like to know how does the process go? After 16 months of work on my project, I think I can finally see the end approaching, and I'm starting to plan out the roll out and the advertising. Of course, I was planning on publishing on steam. So here...

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