1. Dungeonmind

    Still no update for MV?

    Personally, I find it very concerning we don't have an update for MV yet It's been close to 5 months I think I would have to go back to really old emails to get exact dates... I mean is this how it's going to be? Once you have a new game engine the rest don't matter? I have contacted rm support...
  2. Rafael_Sol_Maker

    Suggestion Just another rant from a RM veteran + Suggestions and Solutions

    Hello there! To be clear, this topic isn’t directed to English staff we got here, admins, mods, translators, none of them are to fault here. They did a wonderful job and created a very awesome community around. I love all of you, guys. This one is directed to the ones who made the software and...
  3. Camtheman

    Can you update games?

    So if I post a game and later I change a few things and add more things, how can people play that update of the game?
  4. Nightblade50

    Warning points?

    I have a question. I got a warning point on my account for making too many status updates in one day. So I have some questions. What is a warning point, what does it do, and what does it mean?
  5. TheChatotMaestro

    Periodic Content Updates

    I've looked everywhere for this, and I can't quite find what I need. I know how to 'update' the game- edit the game file and reexport, just like any file ever- but how would I go about providing the update to players while keeping their save files? My project will have an update every month...
  6. LuLingqi1

    I updated a project and can no longer playtest?

    So Yanfly came out with a new plugin, that would just make my mapmaking so much better. The catch was, I needed 1.3.1. Which I didn't have because I dunno. I download it, follow all the steps to update my project. I go to playtest, and I've been sitting on a black screen for 15 minutes. I DO...
  7. MSMPokeGamer

    RPG Maker MV Questions

    Hi, I Am Here To Ask You A Few Questions If You Wouldn't Mind Answering Them. I Would Really Love That. I Really Want To Buy The New RPG Maker MV (On Mac), But I Would Like To Know The Following First:   Can You Import Your Own Animations From Your Computer?  Can You Import Your Own...
  8. draco2

    Quick questions about MV updates.

    So I am new at this and I bought RPG Maker MV through Steam. Now the question is does game auto update through Steam or do I do it manually? I've looked at the recent news on the game in Steam and it does let you download the latest updates. Now if I do have to update it manually, how do I do...
  9. dragonpc


    ItemBook V1.4a by Skotty TV Introduction ItemBook is a Plugin to show the items you have collected through your adventures! (and thier stats, abilities, skills, etc.. that they have attached to them. Features Previous Updates  * - Decide if items will get an entry automaticly when they...
  10. _Shadow_

    RSS Feeds. Seems like abandoned.

    Are the RSS Feeds abandoned? I mean I see some posts from 2013 as first 10 and yes, I do use RSS Feeds, I find them very convenient. Not a real issue, I can live without it, but I was just wondering if they are abandoned or not.
  11. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    My update was locked... Why?

    Just a quick question about updates. I posted an update earlier today asking about the possibility of play testers for my game. It got locked. Other people have posted about getting testers as well... I'm just wondering why mine was locked, there was no message or anything left to explain. If...
  12. Zalerinian

    [RGSSx] RGSS Internet Manager

    RGSSx Internet Manager v1.0.0 - March 31st, 2014 Introduction The internet manager script allows a developer to download data directly from the internet. The included ruby portion of the data (it is split between ruby script and C++ DLL) will allow script developers to include the location of...
  13. iRonan

    Internet Syncing Updates?

    Is there a way to let your game sync with a download link/package from a website? It would be great, as my game is in beta stage and it has some bugs in it. I don't really want people (neither do they) to download the game over and over again, I want it to make a message pop up that there's a...
  14. Arisete™

    Little help with Batch. D:

    Does anyone here know how to work with Batch Files? (.bat) I know how to code it semi-well but there is one problem I can't figure out. I am making a custom Mod/Auto Patcher for an Online Game (also future RPGMaker Games) and I want to find the current directory to copy/replace custom files...
  15. Hirei

    [Extra LIfe 2013] List of Members + Update Thread!

    I will be participating in Extra Life 2013 this year! If you are participating you can use this thread to update your status, advertise your Twitch or LIvestream for donations. This is a fun event that raises money for charity! Play games and help kids! http://extra-life.org/ WHAT IS EXTRA...

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