1. Raith

    Raith's Graphics Stretcher

    Raith's Graphics Stretcher v1.01 by Raith Introduction The new RMMZ v1.5.0 provides 16x16 px tileset support, but it is rendered as is - no upscaling - so it looks very tiny in HD monitors, which may affect gameplay. This plugin fix that to a certain degree. Features v1.00 - Stretch...
  2. Avery

    How to enlarge your icons with 3 simple tricks!

    You don't need to use those tricks on the Ace RTP icons as I already did (MV II). If you have questions, feel free to ask! And it just looks so much better than blurry upscaling <3
  3. BlockystarFish

    Resize Request

    Hi, so in my game I made a person using one of the bases that came with dlc. I finished all of it but then when I put it in game the template I used was smaller then the other actors from the dlc, Why? but When I resize it the textures get all smudged and looks bad. So I need help changing the...
  4. Pixel Art upscaled 2x, unfiltered?

    Hello, I understand that the max you can resize the game window to is 640x480, however i'm wondering if it's possible to have the engine render sprites and tiles 2x their normal size? Unfiltered/Pixel Perfect would be great too. For example, the stock VX Ace actor size is 32x32, but have them...

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