1. Xuwboss

    Pre-Made maps tilesets

    I had googled about urban tilesets for my game and i came across a thread where somone explained that there was premade maps that had urban tilesets. But the problem i'm having is that on the "Trading City" map has parking lot and road tiles i wanted to use but cant find them on the tilesets and...
  2. Bit's and peices

    Terms: These are all free to use in commercial and non-commercial  RPG Maker Games you have licenses for. I'll be updating this and adding more tilesets to this and eventually adding sprite parts and costumes. The blood and photos are of my own creation, the skeleton, science tubes? and the...
  3. Rmxp Urban Pack

    Resource Type: Tileset Maker Format: Xp Art Style: Xp Description: Trying to find this one urban/modern and free resource pack, which I downloaded a couple years ago on a community site I can no longer recall the name of. I believe the pack had the acronym of SMOT, and contained various...
  4. Hobo-A Urban Survival Simulation(Game Ideal/Feed Back on Ideal Requested)

    Game Title:   Hobo-A Urban Survival Simulation   Genre:Survival Simulation/Realistic    Theme:Urban   Players:Single Player   Project: Indie   Platform:RPG Maker VX Ace   Release Date: TBD   Game Company: CDG ( Cazziuz Designs Games)    Synopsis:    How well could you survive...
  5. Seijiro Mafuné

    Trailer Park tiles.

    I think this might be a first, but hopefully not. So! Trailers. Those houses on wheels that let you live in your car. I'm sure most people have at least seen a trailer in media, even if they never rode in one. I'm in need for some trailers. Facing forward, backward, and to the sides. Having...
  6. Illaya

    Modern and Horror Resource Help.

    I'm looking for urban/modern tilesets, modern clothing for sprites, modern titles, and some game music. I need a modern car tileset, an exterior hotel/big building tileset, and some broken titlesets with cracked floors, windows, doors.  Are there any great interior tilesets for hotels? Like...
  7. Brainshack

    [VX Ace] Urban / Modern Village Tiles

    Hello there, I am looking for tiles to createa Urban / City / Modern Town environment. So no fantasy setting. Does anybody know some good resources of this kind for VX Ace? Details: I need ressources to build the following areas: - Big City Street areas with shopping locations, restaurants...

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