1. BurgerMasterMan

    "Unable to read file Game.rpgproject"

    I apologize foe posting on the forums so much but I believe this may be the end of it if there isn't a fix to this. Last night, I was working on my game and everything was fine. I close it out like normal and open it the next day only only for the game to not be able to read my "game" file...
  2. Help Me...

    So I have RPG Maker 2003, and I'm trying to replace the boat sprites with bus sprites that i found, and the creator said anyone was free to use. I made them 256 color png files, but i don't know what size it should be. And I can't script...
  3. Exdeath R6

    Boss battle transformation ?

    Hi, i couldn't find anything to help me with my problem, hence why im posting here. In short. I have a boss which is ,in particular the image for "General_M" . Half way through the battle i want him to transform into this sv animated character called "Duke" which is in fact operated by the...
  4. [TRICKY] Need help with Pokèmon evolution system

    Okay, I'm going to try, the best as I can to explain this one. I want to make certain pokemon (actors) evolve, change their appearance, and classes. I have an actor and class for each Pokemon. I have 2 methods for this, but none of them work due to the things I'm about to explain. (lets use...
  5. Game in Android black screen and crash after 20 min play

    Hello. We have a long game, but not loaded at all in maps of objects. My friend in Moto G played the intro and crashed after 2 min. I play in S7 Edge and crash after 20 min aprox. First music continues, and sound effects, but black screen. Seconds after, app Crash. I think is about a...
  6. Bored Soul

    Efebark's Online Database Not Working

    Hey.I need to ask here,because I cannot report in the actual topic. I always used to laugh at all these people who wanted MMOs on RPG Maker VX Ace (I didn't post anything on the pages of it though).The thought made me laugh. But one day I found an online database script from Efebark.A lot...
  7. Help Required - Cutscene

    Hi, new to the forum scene. I am calling on you to help me create a basic kidnap Cutscene for RPG Maker XP. Many Thanks.
  8. Benja

    Character constantly facing up?

    After making the tilesets i decided to test my game a little. A make a dummy house map and put the character in it. The problem is, the character kept facing up! I tried a gain with the other tilesets and those worked fine, but interior tile set makes them face up! Please help.
  9. FestivePotato

    Looking for Modern Interior Tiles (VX Ace)

    Hi. I'm looking for some modern interior tiles for VX Ace. I'm also looking for some Pokemon-ish exterior tiles. And sprites. And battlers. Enough said.

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