1. Levolpehh


    Volpi_UseSounds Author: Volpi || Levolpehh Introduction Short and simple plugin that adds functionality to change the sound effect played when using an Item or Skill. Want to eat an Apple and hear a crunch SE, but drink a Potion and hear a glug? Gotcha covered. Currently only applies when...
  2. AdamSakuru

    How to check if a picture ID is currently in use?

    Is there a way you can check, through a script call, if a specific picture ID is drawn/if a picture ID exists? (Meaning that picture ID is currently displaying something and not 'nothing')
  3. RPG_itch_Studio

    Plug&Play Vibrato battlers [part 5]

    Hi all! Vibrato battlers have been around for quite a while now, but still few RPG makers decide to use them. One reason might be the lack of "plug and play" way of use. If you go to Vibrato's page, you will come to the conclusion that you need a photo editor (like Photoshop, etc.) to create a...
  4. Fair Use

    I've been planning on buying "RPG Maker MV" for quite some time now, but I've encountered with some doubts, which are, till which extend do you have fair use of the resources that the software provides? For instance, I know I can't take the music out of a game and just post it, but can I market...
  5. Inamortus

    "Use" Function Plugin

    Hi all, I've looked everywhere for a plugin that achieves this, but I haven't been able to find it, so I've come here. What I need is a plugin that allows me to give a character an ability called "Use", intended to function in the same way as Rikku's "Use" function in Final Fantasy X, ie...
  6. Nightblade50

    Using Vibrato's Ace Battlers

    So, Vibrato made some really cool characters here. Here is an example of one. I really want to use the VX Ace animated battlers. NOT THE MV ONES! But I don't know how to use them. They are not formatted for use in any animated...
  7. Resources free for commercial use?

    Are all the resources you buy in the rpgmaker store free for commercial use on rpgmaker games? If not, which ones can't I use? I can't find an answer. This is my first post, so sorry if it's in the wrong place.
  8. Verdelite

    Verdelite's Remove Battle Commands

    Verdelite_RemoveBattleCommands v.1.00 Verdelite Introduction This simple plugin enables you to assign a switch to a battle command and remove the linked battle command from the battle command window if the switch is on. The command will return once the switch is turned off. That's useful for...
  9. How to Change Item Use/Select actor Scene?

    Hello, i hope somebody can help me. i'm looking for a way to chance the scene where i choose the actor for using an item. (see image) I'm want to use a hunger/thirst/sleep system. therefore i used the Quasi Params Plus Script for assigning the individual value of hunger,... for each actor...
  10. styx92

    Use item and get another

    Hey guys. Mabye a easy thing, but i want to create a water bottle. And if you use it, than the item removes, but i want to get an empty bottle at the same moment. I know, i can do it with common events, but i have many items where this will be happend and i dont want to create a few common...
  11. dnel57

    Key item use

    Hi,here is my dilemma: I made a screenshot of my world map. Then,imported it and made a key item of it. Someone gives me the map. It shows up in my inventory as a key item. When I click on it,it shows the map(OK) But,then I can't get it off my screen. Thanks
  12. wolfpak692

    VX Ace vs MV

    With the release of MV, is there any reason to quit using VX Ace? I am asking since there is so much extra stuff for VX Ace than there is for MV...
  13. Otto

    Automatically Use items.

    Hi :) i have serched for something like this but couldn't find it: i'm looking for a script that force the player to use an item as soon as they are collected (not every item 'tho), for example: collect the item "Scroll" -> call common event that teaches the spell then remove the item...
  14. Manually Use Item

    What I want to happen: Approach NPC, go into inventory, select and use item, item is given to NPC (second conditional branch in common event) What happens: I select and use item, but only the first conditional branch ever happens
  15. Mr. Trivel

    Use Weapon and Armor in Battle

    Name: Use Weapon and Armor in Battle Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-12-13   What does it do? Allows player to use weapons and armor to invoke skills in battle.   Screenshots:   How to use? Use the following tag for weapon or armor note...
  16. Uzuki

    [MV]Item Use Crashes Game

    Hey everyone, it's time for me to be the dude in distress! I've finally begun battle testing in my game, but every time I use a item in battle I get this: And I get this error for any item I use in the...
  17. Dreadshadow

    Humble Bundle terms of use for some content.

    So I will post this here just to make sure it is not in a wrong subcategory. So, there is a sentence in Terms of Use that is confusing me. Note that English is not my native language. I suppose I can interact and communicate well most of the time. But when it comes to EULAs there is no space...
  18. KanaX

    Resource Check.

    Is there any way to check which of my resources I have or have not used in my project? I would rather avoid checking it manually through playtest, because the project is pretty big, and branches a bit.
  19. JAD94

    Can these be used commercially?

    Hey everyone I just wondering if anyone knew whether these spritesheets can be used for commercial use? The Anubis is by PinedaVX and the werewolf by Hojika. Thank you -JAD
  20. shiori4me

    Is there a difference between tasteless pornography and adult themes with game development?

    Various scripts say you're allowed to use them as long as the game isn't pornographic/etc, but the reason I don't understand. Sex, violence, and taboo concepts are a part of life. To exclude and avoid them in a setting that would normally call for such things would limit things, make it less...

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