1. How to make a skill that deals massive damage to all enemies but kills the user

    I am fairly new to rpgmakervxace, and I was wondering if this is possible?
  2. JS Graphic Problem Using Yanfly Plugins

    Hi there, I took a screenshot of the full error I am getting. I used a skill in MV that added a state with 5% param boosts, targeting the skill user in the party. Anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!
  3. Conditional State if User Evade

    Hello, I'm using plugins of Yanfly (Battle Core, Buff and Sate, Skill Core etc....) I want to know how i can do a passive state where it react if the user do an evasion. For exemple, if my character evade from a skill, i want him to win a buff or a state. Is there a formule for my passive...
  4. tammie

    ADMINS - Here is how to allow anyone to change their username.

    Hey. So I saw that the forum software is XenForo. With it users cannot change their username. But I looked into it and found a few things. Now this is for the admins in case they want to allow users to change their username. @Touchfuzzy @Lunarea @Archeia Here it is...
  5. tammie

    Becoming a moderator

    How would a user on this forum become a moderator? (This post is really short, but I don't know what else to say :hswt:)
  6. EpicFILE

    Indonesian RM Users

    Hello! I've used Rpg Maker since 2011. (the first one I use was the illegal 2003 version, I've uninstalled it though) Whenever I surf the web to search for guides and tutorials, I recognized there are some active RM users from Indonesia. Although not really common, that makes me wonder if there...
  7. Kevin Eontrainer

    Attack Animation coming from user to target

    Hello guys. I've been wondering if we can actually make attack animation coming from the user to the target. Like Flamethrower or other "beam" attacks for example.. The laser/fire/beam/etc came from the users position into the destination (which is the target).   Please help, that would...
  8. Rink27

    Skills with Varying Effects Depending on User

    I am interested in having a skill(s) whose effect varies depending on the user. These skills are executed via items used in battle. Example: "Book of Fire" (Consumable Item) If Mage: Cast a fire-like spell to inflict damage. If Cleric: Heal party by 40% I can't figure out how to event...
  9. Fonstw

    Skill user's data

    Hello RPG Maker community! I am trying to get a skill to cost equal to the caster's level times 5. The effect of the skill will be, to heal the ally's HP equal to the caster's level times 10. I tried using the damage formula like so: a.mp >= a.level * 5 ? a.mp -= a.level * 5 && b.hp +=...
  10. How to Import User-Created Tiles into RPGMaker VX Ace?

    Hey guys me again. So I've found a lot of independent tile makers and I LOVE how the community does this. My question is, how do I upload them? (the ones that are free of course)  Do I just save them, and import them? Sorry if this is a *nooby* question. I've attached some tiles I would love...
  11. defunct-user

    Where or How did you get your current username? (X Posted)

    I looked for such a thread here but couldn't find any. So tell me! How'd you get your current username? There's gotta be a reason behind "XxAngelLoverBabyxX" or something... I don't know. If there's a story involved, tell me! Iron Croc is a name I gave myself because I like crocodiles. I...
  12. iKiWY

    Selling and Making Accounts

    Hello There! I have a question about selling and accounting. Firstly, can I sell the game that I made in RPG Maker? For about 4€? Secondly, is there a way to implement an account login? Like when someone buys a game only his accoutn can login the game and play? (aka Minecraft has when you...
  13. Leah Prime

    Skill that cannot target user

    Hi. I want to make an actor skill that can target any ally except the user. I checked the script list, but did not find a script that allowed me to do this. Can anyone point me to a script that would enable me to do this? Thanks

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