1. Keegs

    How did you obtain your username? What was your very first on the internet?

    My username's origins come all the way from DeviantArt. I had a cUsToM oC created with the name, "Kigarushi". At this time I was still using another alias - then I started to stray from DA and moved on to become "KigatoKawa", from there I've played around with the name here and there, most...
  2. Nilom

    Changing Username or eMail?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this kind of questions. I would like to change my username. Is that possible? I created it more than 6 years ago and it is not my current username that I use nowadays. My second question is. Can I somehow change my eMail adress, although my...
  3. How can I set the minimum digit of input text?

    I'm completely newbie. I want to let the player uses the user name directly through the input text. I'd like to show message that 'You should input at least one character' if nothing is entered. but I don't know how to check and control the digit of text variables stored in the input text. What...
  4. Tamsyn548

    ADMINS - Here is how to allow anyone to change their username.

    Hey. So I saw that the forum software is XenForo. With it users cannot change their username. But I looked into it and found a few things. Now this is for the admins in case they want to allow users to change their username. @Touchfuzzy @Lunarea @Archeia Here it is...
  5. Account not validated

    Hello! My primary account here, Madlark, still hasn't been validated, even though it's been months since I've registered. Could one of the moderators please take a look? Thank you!
  6. Account Oddities

    Hello, friends! This is Knighterius who has lost his account, well not really lost just confused. So I had an account called "Knighteriius" as I am sure you've all seen. One day I signed out and started using Mozilla instead of Chrome as a browswer and it no longer had my account automatically...
  7. defunct-user

    Where or How did you get your current username? (X Posted)

    I looked for such a thread here but couldn't find any. So tell me! How'd you get your current username? There's gotta be a reason behind "XxAngelLoverBabyxX" or something... I don't know. If there's a story involved, tell me! Iron Croc is a name I gave myself because I like crocodiles. I...
  8. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    How did you get your username?

    How did you get your username? Was it something that just popped into your head, or maybe it was a line from a movie, or a T.V show. How did you come up with your name some people got their names from their own rpg game. How did you get yours? I made up mine, when I was like 5 and used computer...
  9. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Try and spell your username with your eyes closed.

    monkrysniow55 I did pretty good, try yours! :)

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