1. Eliaquim


    Author: Eliaquim I made this plugin for study purposes. However, I am making it available. If anyone wants me to add something else, just say I'll see what I can do ^^ Introduction There are many things in Rpg Maker Mv that without the alternative of a plugin there is no way to change what is...
  2. mystic0

    Tools for Starting a Serious Game Company

    I have compiled a list of software, utilities, and web sites for making an indie enterprise. The list is based on the startups I've been involved with, the most highly rated resource, and the most cost effective products to create the most valuable products and services available. There is a...
  3. Joronjo

    Alphabetical Organizer "Plugins"

    Joronjo's Ready-made Alphabetical Organizers for Plugins + Instructions to make new ones   A set of dud plugins to helps users and plugin makers keep their work organized. These are in fact very simple to make, but can get a little tedious, so this archive serves as a time server, specially...
  4. Tsukihime

    Command-line Args Loader

    This script simply loads any command-line arguments into ARGV. RM doesn’t do this natively so we need to do it ourselves. This script is meant to be used for games that will be using custom game launchers that will supply command-line arguments. Get it at Hime Works
  5. Tsukihime

    Compressed Save Files

    This script compresses all save files, resulting in smaller save files. For backwards compatibility, if a compressed file is not available, it will try to load the uncompressed file. Get it at Hime Works!
  6. Nohmaan

    How much are development tools worth?

    I am finishing development of some comprehensive Excel / Access tools which will be a complete suite of easy to use and customize development tools.  I am curious what the demand is for said tools and how much users would be willing to pay for these (the amount of time spent in developing the...
  7. crimcrim

    IRC Bot Commands

    As most of the IRC regulars know I've been developing the utterly annoying bot TOYOTA_COROLLA. At first it was made to piss off as many people as possible but then it evolved into an actual useful channel bot. He has many commands, and due to his code constantly growing (and me being a horrible...

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