1. casper667

    [CGMZ] Unlimited Event Conditions

    [CGMZ] Unlimited Event Conditions By: Casper Gaming Last Update: July 28, 2023 Latest Version: 1.0.0 This plugin allows unlimited event conditions on each page. By default, you are limited to only two switches, one variable, and some other conditions. This removes those limitations, and adds...
  2. casper667

    [CGMZ] System Settings

    CGMZ System Settings By: Casper Gaming Last Update: October 22, 2022 Latest Version: 1.0.0 Adds some plugin commands that are meant to give you more control over system settings after the game starts. While there are a lot of system settings in the database, these are often not very easily...
  3. casper667

    [CGMZ] Screenshots

    CGMZ Screenshots By: Casper Gaming Last Update: March 21, 2023 Latest Version: 1.0.2 Lets you take screenshots within the game. Screenshots can capture the game screen and be saved directly to computer or prompted to save at the user's choice location for web-hosted games. Capture accurate...
  4. DaedraTalos

    DAE's Text Highlighting

    Text highlighter - Version 1.0 RPG Maker MV Plugin DaedraKyne Introduction Highlight parts of any text in your game (Message text, scrolling text, etc...) with any hex color! Screenshot Features This plugin adds the ability to add highlight (background coloring) to any text in your game! You...
  5. casper667

    [CGMZ] Global Data

    CGMZ Global Data By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 6/28/2021 Latest Version: 1.0.0 Ever wanted to save things in one game, and have them available to all other saved games? Now you can. It supports saving a string of text, a number, a switch, or a variable. You can load the data in another saved...
  6. casper667

    CGMZ Infinite Balloons

    CGMZ Infinite Balloons By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 11/18/2020 Latest Version: 1.0.0 Unlock a more powerful balloon event command. This plugin allows you to use balloon sheets of any size and use as many balloons as you want. It removes the limit of the default show balloon event command. You...
  7. casper667

    [CGMZ] Plugin Commands

    CGMZ Plugin Commands By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 5/5/2021 Latest Version: 1.2.0 Adds some plugin commands that are meant to make some things with the default editor easier, such as turning a switch on/off if an event is within certain xy coordinates or controlling self switches for any event...
  8. casper667

    [CGMZ] Infinite Colors

    CGMZ Infinite Colors By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 9/9/2020 Latest Version: 1.0.0 This plugin allows you to define your own colors for use in messages or anywhere else they are supported. It uses the same color escape code \c[x] where x is the id of the color you want to access. Define as...
  9. Black Pagan

    Making use of A.I or Smart Tools - RPG Maker

    I wanted to know if anyone has ever attempted something like this using an external A.I program or Smart Tools ? I mean for any small function in RPG Maker in General - From Mapping, Database planning, Resource Management, Game Balance, Story Design etc. Just curious. If so, Do share your...
  10. Tome571

    Universal Character Generator - any sized sprites, faces or images

    Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I've been working with whtdragon on my game and we have been working with tall sprites. One of the things that seemed to be lacking was a character generator that had a bunch of flexibility for assembling anything that had different sized images, or a lot...
  11. Wavelength

    Utility Scaling

    Recently, I've been really enamored with the idea of Utility Scaling. For those unfamiliar with the term - Utility Scaling is where a skill has some effect besides damage or healing, and the power of that effect scales with one (or more) of the skill user's stats. A few examples of skills with...
  12. Dreamsavior

    RMMV Scrubber

    An utility to clean up RPG Maker MV unused resources. This tools is part of RMMV Toybox, a collection of tools for RPG Maker MV that developed by Dreamsavior. Hello fellow makers, I know we already had a nice deployment tools integrated along with recent updates of RPG Maker software. We...
  13. dahlys

    Select Item Plus

    Select Item Plus by Dahlys Introduction and Features Used the Select Item command and don't know what else to do but check it's id? Check if: It's name includes Herb, i.e. Power Herb It's a regular, key, hidden A or hidden B item (in case you forgot) It's consumable If it has an element If...
  14. dahlys

    Universal Remote Control: Search, Retrieve, Control *Assassin's Creed Guard AI Demo Added* 09/25

    Universal Remote Control by Dahlys Search Engine, Mass Data Retrieval, Mass Self Switch/Variable Setting a.k.a Remote Event Counting and Control by Name v2.0, but literally already a completely different beast Introduction and Features Live Search Engine: Search In-game for Groups of...
  15. dahlys

    Remote Event Counting and Control by Name *dead, see Universal Remote Control*

    Remote Event Counting and Control by Dahlys Download Link *Update 09/24: This plugin is dead. Please see my Universal Remote Control instead Introduction: Count number of events with Event Name = "insert_name" and store their event IDs into an array. Remotely activate self-switches based on...
  16. Archeia


    Preloader for RPG Maker MV by Dr. Yami and Archeia Download Link Description This is a plugin to Preload assets. This is in case Galenmereth's Preload Manager doesn't work for you. Both are also compatible! What does it do? The preloader has global and map-based preloading. Global means that...
  17. Soul

    Disable Message Skipping

    Many of my friends are having difficulty when reading text in my game. They keep accidentally causing messages to skip over to the next by holding "Shift", or double-tapping when the message is just about done appearing. I would like to request a script that will at least disable the "Shift"...
  18. mindfriendly

    New MV Plugin for adjusting the damage floor values. Suggestions welcome.

    Free to use in commercial games. Just give me a nod in the credits! This is basically my first plugin. I didn't like the flat 10 hp per tick of the damage floor so I made this to suit my needs. Its fairly straight forward. You can set a flat value or a percent HP value in the form of a decimal...
  19. Trihan

    Trilobytes MV #1: Dude, Where's My Autorun?

    Dude, Where's My Autorun? Version 1.0 Created by Trihan Introduction Have you ever been test playing your game when all of a sudden the player couldn't move any more? Ah, crap, looks like you probably have an errant autorun event that's screwing things up. But this is a 500x500 map with 150...
  20. LadyBaskerville

    Summon Actor

    Summon Actor v1.3.2 LadyBaskerville Introduction Summoning creatures that replace the party in battle is a feature in many RPGs. While it is possible to create a Summoning system purely with events, doing so can be quite cumbersome, especially with a large number of...

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