1. Otakuhn

    Battler Creator Utility

    I would like someone to create a utility that would speed up the battler creation process right now you have to do it pixel by pixel , but I believe if a utility was made which sped up the process it would be greatly appreciated,  Some possible ideas for loopholes that it could skip so the...
  2. McKathlin

    Custom Game Over - development version

    Fellow MV developers, I'd like to present to you the Custom Game Over plugin (find the thread for the stable version here), and request your help testing two features that I'm trying to make sure are properly bugfixed. If your game freezes up or has other problems while you're using it, please...
  3. McKathlin

    Custom Game Over behavior

    Custom Game Over Version 1.3 by McKathlin Introduction Change what happens when the party dies or an event calls Game Over processing. In some games, after the party dies they find themselves in a recently visited safe place, where they can continue their game with all...
  4. Duce

    RMMV Generator Importer Utility

    Here's the Importer Utility I've been working on, It's made in Java so it should work on both windows and mac I don't have a mac so I couldn't test it on there, but it works on windows for me, I'd like any feedback I can get, and any suggestions on what to add, I plan to add in zip file...
  5. HalcyonDaze

    Generator Piece Import Utility (MV)

    Has anyone else noticed that importing new additions to the MV seems to be a bit confusing? At least the ways I've seen it explained. Has anyone considered making a program that can batch import pieces into the correct folders, with the correct names as to not overwrite anything?
  6. Plugin Dependency Manager

    Plugin Dependency Manager (DependencyManager) 1.0.0 by NIGIC Description While working on a custom framework, I noticed that there was no way to link my modules together and identify dependencies between the plugins. As projects grow larger, you need some way to keep track of how the...
  7. Request: Event Clone / Duplication / Spawning for MV

    I've been following closely the MV videos, and once I got it in mail, I went right ahead into playing around with MV, but I came to miss a relatively simple-looking utility script from VXAce that is pretty useful for anything that's added more than a few times. In short, I'm wondering if...
  8. Sarlecc

    Skill Usage [UPDATED] V1.5.2

    Skill Usage V1.5.2 Author Sarlecc   Introduction Have you ever wanted to know precisely how many times your beta testers are using a skill in battle? While now you can! As soon as a player uses a skill it will be put on the list and update the percentages of all skills listed...
  9. ApproximatelyCats

    File missing crash fix

    File missing crash Fix Version 1.0 by Skitzen     Introduction This script stops the default game crash when a Graphic, or Audio file are missing, and allows the player to continue on through the game. I looked around for a script like this as I know how annoying it can be to constantly restart...
  10. Laugilus

    Game Character Hub (Powerful chara maker for RPG Maker XP / VX (Ace))

    Introduction Hello everybody! I'm posting to introduce a brand new utility I have designed: Game Character Hub! Game Character Hub provides additional tools for RPG Maker or game design in general. It is a powerful character maker, for RPG Maker XP, VX (Ace), and even more! This utility is...
  11. Rafael_Sol_Maker

    [Updated!] Using RGSS3 with RPG Maker VX

    WARNING – Read carefully! Introduction The title of the topic says everything. What would be the advantages of transplanting RGSS3 onto a RPG Maker VX game? Maybe to speed up your game, taking advantage of the new and improved Ruby version, or maybe due the improved default built-in...

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