1. how to make a variable absolute value

    I need absolute value to make a negative into positive. Does anyone know how to do a scriptcall for this?
  2. Dangerous_meme

    Can I scale player and enemy HP, MP, damage, and Skills all at once?

    So I want to scale down the starting and maximum amount of HP, MP, damage dealt from weapons and Skills for player characters and enemies to about 10% of their current value. Is their a way to do this all at once or quickly or do I need to go to each actor, enemy, weapon, and skill and lower...
  3. Kristina

    Show exp on screen

    Hello, I'm using SRD HUD plugin and I got it to show HP and MP on the screen, but I really want to show exp. I want it to count up and turn back to zero whenever the player level up. I have struggled with making it work. Not sure what to put in current and max value, does someone know?
  4. The_Black_Knight

    Problem in Absorption Barrier notetag value formula.

    http://yanfly.moe/2016/02/13/yep-70-absorption-barrier-rpg-maker-mv/ Using the above mentioned, I tried setting the default Guard command to recover barrier equal to 10% of the character's max hp. This is what I tried (along with some other variations of it): <User Barrier: +(user.mhp * .1)> How...
  5. Tycho X

    Modifying core values, such as HP

    I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm designing an 'office simulator' of sorts. As such I have no need for the classic RPG Combat system which MakerMV comes with. Rather, I'm looking to modify certain values and ... simplify them. For example. My 'hero' (protagonist) starts off with 450HP...
  6. HollowMonty

    What does $date_items actually repersent?

    I've teaching myself ruby scripting since I happen to have RPG maker VX Ace. Learning how Ruby works is one thing, but learning how to manipulate in while in RPG maker is completely different. So many modulus, classes, inheriting classes, and methods that are all interconnected across it's...
  7. Kimimant

    Value separators... I need help! :(

    Hello guys, I started to use the MV and I don't know how to change way some values are displayed. When you look at the HP in the menu it looks like this: 4,400 But how do I change it to this: 4400 And how do I change that in battle if these inputs are separated? Thank you for your help... :)
  8. Milena

    Flickering Images: Caused by Not Preloaded Values?

    This is a rather a simple, maybe, as a question. So when I was coding a sample menu, I found out that whenever I do use sprites as the command buttons and ran through them, the images flicker not until all of them kinda have been selected. My question is, is there a way to make this coded so all...

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