1. Looking for a specific game

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific game. I played it many years ago but I can't remember the name. It is like "Vampires Dawn" but with a more newer graphic (I think it used parallax mapping). What I remember is, that the story is also about vampires and that you play a guy living in a...
  2. wintrydaze

    RMMV (World-Hopping) Teething Fever - DEMO released!

    Warning: This game contains violence, mild swearing, mild gore, horror, death, homicide and other disturbing or mature themes. There are screen flashes and and display of visual patterns or graphics that may be discomforting. Player discretion is advised. ═════════════ Preface Story...
  3. leenat40

    RMMV 2 Vampyrus Crimson

    On February 20th, rose the first Blood Moon, today marks it's return. 2 Vampyrus Crimson is a vastly enhanced version of the original 2 Vampyrus, featuring: 1. Over 80 new pages of Cutscenes. 2. Improved performance and visual quality. 3. New music. 4. Custom talking sound effects. 5. Bug...
  4. DreadRoach

    RMMV Escape from the Vampire's Tomb

    ESCAPE FROM THE VAMPIRE'S TOMB This is a short adventure game, created for Vampire Jam in a mad rush on the last day of the jam. You play as a young man who has just woken up inside a sealed tomb, with no idea how he got there but a firm desire to escape as soon as possible. Conveniently, as...
  5. Kato-A

    RMMV The death and the vampire

    About: The death and the vampire is a 2d adventure game, full of mystery, comedy and drama. You take control of Thirteen a new death on her first day . Help at Thirteen to not die twice! Story: "What a weird death you are" It's what Thirteen always hears since she became a death. She's...
  6. Kanissey

    Faceset for vampire

    Hello Makers, iam looking for a faceset for the vampire that is already in MV. If you understand, in the enemies folder is a vampire sprite and i need a faceset for him. Thanks for every help. :kaojoy: Greetings Kanissey
  7. More parts based on the SV wing i had ?

    Rpg Maker : MV Credit to Haydeos ! Resource needed : Full set of generator that include face, tv, and tvd. Is there anyone know how to make a good generator parts for face, tv, and tvd for the sv wing i had ? This is the sv parts of the wings i had. I looking for someone who willing to take...
  8. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds II - Mountains of Ravendal

    Lantern of Worlds - Mountains of Ravendal is an RPG inspired by Gothic stories, Slavic mythology and Bram Stoker's Dracula. The game takes place in a land of mist and moonlight, of wolfs howling in the distance, and the feeling of strange magics in the chilly mountain air. Do you love spooky...
  9. callmedan

    XP RTP vampire walking sprite

    Hi! I'm looking for walking sprite of the vampire in XP RTP. If you know where to get it, please let me know. Thanks in advance! :kaoluv:
  10. forgottenlor

    RMVXA Awakening (Rpg Maker VX ACE)

    The game "Awakening" is a 5 hour long vampire rpg set in a renaissance era dark fantasy world. You play an ancient vampire who awakes from a long slumber with only fragments of his memory, bent on vengeance against whoever or whatever trapped you. The game features skill trees, a summoning...
  11. DamianCastaway

    {Finished} Blood Moon | Update 1.4 (Crash fix... Once again...)

    This is probably the dumbest yet most complicated entry in the Birthday Bash, lol. Story: You follow the adventures of a 200 year old Vampire named Keiran in a recent monster infested modern city! Can you find out whats going on before the world is flooded by monsters!? {Dev Note: I...
  12. SilverDash

    Undead Plugin (invert healing <==> damage)

    Undead v. 1.00 Author: Silver Features: - Converts healing to damage and/or damage to healing for undead enemies and/or players. - Using notetags you can specify what skills and/or items will have their damage/healing inverted. - Optionally: adds an undead-state for compatibility with other...
  13. Alistair

    Zombie/Vampiric State

    ~ Zombie  & Vampiric State/Equipment~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. This is merely an introduction topic.     This Plugin will allow you to use notetags to create Zombie and Vampiric States. To quickly explain these two: Zombie will turn Healing into Damage (and the...
  14. Village Mook

    Vampire effect on weapons

    Hey, I was wondering if someone might know of a script to make certain weapons drain hp or mp. Unless I missed something, I noticed the option is available for skills, but have not found a way to incorporate this effect into normal weapons.
  15. ItsBuffy

    Vampire themed game (Demo available^_^)

    GAME HAS NO TITLE YET.   - Little story & Description -   This game will be about Yuki, a young woman who has almost finished her degree in music. During the week break, she decided to go on ''the Trip of her life'' with her friends to Ste-Adele, a very big, modern city...
  16. Looking for Vampire Emo Set

    Hey Guys! I'm trying to locate an emotional set for a Vampire character, I have found some great sprites but can only find two faces, one in Vamp form, one in human form, both with similar expressions! Here is the face set:  I'm looking for a standard 8-face set of both 1 and 2 in VX Ace...
  17. hi11279

    Vampire spriteset and faceset needed

    I've been looking everywhere, but I can't seem to find any vampire spritesets that match a faceset. So if someone could make some that would be totally awesome. I'll probably use it commercially so just a heads up. I would like the faceset to have all the basic emotions, happy, sad, surprised...

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