1. Looking for a specific game

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific game. I played it many years ago but I can't remember the name. It is like "Vampires Dawn" but with a more newer graphic (I think it used parallax mapping). What I remember is, that the story is also about vampires and that you play a guy living in a...
  2. leenat40

    RMMV 2 Vampyrus (A spin-off of the Ulfar series)

    "Embrace the demons within" The Story 2 Vampyrus is a single player, story driven RPG taking place in a futuristic medieval kingdom of Endel. You play as Adrian, a man that has lost everything to war and vampirs. Through a chain of events Adrian realizes that in order to have his peace he...
  3. leenat40


    This version of "2: Vampyrus" is cancelled and will no longer represent the reworked "2 Vampyrus" in any way apart from the world and the characters. "It's never just black and white." ""It is the light of our Lord that will guide us to safety and happiness" Yet that light never came. It...
  4. Kanissey

    Faceset for vampire

    Hello Makers, iam looking for a faceset for the vampire that is already in MV. If you understand, in the enemies folder is a vampire sprite and i need a faceset for him. Thanks for every help. :kaojoy: Greetings Kanissey
  5. Matseb2611

    Snares of Ruin

    Features: A detective story with choice and consequence, set in a modern day urban fantasy world. 6 female characters to romance, all unique in some way, ranging from a sexy vampire to a cute elf! Build romantic or platonic relationships with the ladies in a variety of ways: dialogue options...
  6. RyFry90

    Vampire Death Condition?

    I'm pretty new with RPG Maker, but I'm learning pretty quickly. Girlfriend had an idea for a vampire game and I was trying to figure out how you can control the Death status for vampires against specific weapons (i.e. stakes). Like bringing health down to 0 with a conventional non-wooden...
  7. Demon Hunters

      Demon Hunters Windows Download: Mac Download:   Information Demon Hunters is a game made by me, in RPG Maker MV during the beta...
  8. Clord

    Kingdom The Clans II - Why vampires, why?

    Big thanks to Seraphim Creations (and Lato) for aiding me with this project. It is a big undertaking after all. What it is? The story follows adventures of Okashi and her loyal brother Kishimura who are in fact playing a new game called “The Clans II” which game out in their city. They want to...
  9. Clord

    Kingdom - The Clans

    Disclaimer: All the custom graphics apart from the stock RTP and the character portraits are provided and made by Seraphim Creations. We own all the required rights to use them for the various game projects, commercial or not. Please note that every bust will be custom made to have a quality...

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