variabels help

  1. RMMV add variable after using item?

    this is connected to this plugin, but others else. I make all recipes locked till have the book to unlock a few of the recipes. <learn recipe #> the problem is the unlock can only fill 1 recipe. can't recipe 1, 3, 5. or from 1 - 5. there's a plugin command to unlock many by using 'crafting...
  2. Galv_

    New to Rpg Maker: Need help with plugins

    I'm having an issue altering max variables in RPG Maker MZ using a the Yanfly Core Engine Plugin. I can't seem to find out how to implement the variables I change.
  3. How to make a blocked path depending on the party leader's level?

    I'm trying to make a path were the player can only go in if they're lv.3 or above. But the variable to check the level is actor based, so i'll just need to do a big variable and conditional branches to every single character in the game, or just straight up forbid the player to change characters...
  4. ZodiacStories

    (Solved) It wont move

    I have run into a little problem after playing around with the variables. The opening of my game is an event, but once the event is over I can't move my sprite. I was trying to make sure the event wouldn't happen again if you were to reload a save on that map.

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