variable based on stat

  1. Xina

    RMMV Script to set item price to a variable

    I've been using variables and switches to have a weight functionality in my game. It's been working well up until I decided I wanted an evented way for the player to discard an item. Then I run into the problem of how to retrieve the item weight. After searching the internet for plugins and...
  2. Aphelion

    New and eager. Is RPGMaker the tool for my game concept?

    Hello all you wonderful content creators and storytellers! I have been struck by the burning desire to create a PC game out of the 1000s of hours I have spent as a roleplay GM. I'm hoping some of you fine individuals could help me to understand if this is the right software/vehicle for me to...
  3. Poppie360

    Party member attack to variable issue

    Hi, im having a small issue with the map based battle system i'm making. i cannot set a variable of the ATK of a party member. here's a screenshot of the section of the event and the respective error atributed to it: any help is appreciated, as i haven't been able to find a solution to this yet.
  4. Storing enemy stats/attributes inside variables to apply in Damage Formula, won't work.

    Hi guys, this is actually my first time posting a thread on this website. I hope I am easy to understand. I have the following situation: I have assigned certain enemy attributes to variables for each of them. I used the command "Control Variables" In this case for: enemy ID #5 Current HP -->...
  5. RMVNex

    Character Synergy Boosts? Or variable based on stats?

    Bold blue part is why I want to do this, and then the bold green part is just the question itself. Just skip to the question if you don't care. My game has 16 different characters (planned, might be more, might be less). I'm using many different ways to encourage players to use different...

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