variable control

  1. PennGuino

    Trying to retain HP% when Max HP changes due to states added/removed

    I'm pretty new to RPG Maker MV (and this forum), so this may be a dumb question. I don't think it is, however, because I've done hours of research trying to find answers and figure this out, to no avail. Here's a rundown of my issue. Actor Alvin has a MHP of 20. State Super is applied to Alvin...
  2. Banjo

    Creating a simple virtual "deck of cards"?

    I know there are custom plugins for complex CCGs and card game minigames, but that's not what I need. Instead, here's what I want to do... 1) There are four different card "types" (for example: earth, fire, wind, water). 2) Sitting on a table is a "deck" of cards that contains the following 8...
  3. Sketchward

    Editing Encounters in Map Regions by Variable

    What I'm trying to accomplish: My map is split into 16 Regions using the RPG Maker MV Region system. Seperate variables in each region called "MonstersRemaining" are decremented by 1 after each battle, tracking how many monsters remain. If it becomes equal to zero, I would like encounters to...
  4. Djajapena

    MOGHunter's Time System: Increasing a Variable Value by 1 and Only 1

    As the title said, I have not figured a way to increase a variable value by 1 and only 1 in a specific in-game hour. What I Want: The concept is a farming game where the player can choose to not sleep and doing all-nighters as many as they want... until the debuff/passive state makes them a...
  5. Bluequoise

    Tying a variable to steps

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in the early stages of my first serious game creation attempt with RPG Maker, so I haven't figured out a lot of the subtle functions or scripting mechanics yet. Given enough time I can probably figure everything out on their own but I have a function that a sizable...
  6. Game Over caused by a Variable...

    I have a Morality status in my game and when it reaches -10 I want my character to lose his sanity and it will result in a Game Over. But how?
  7. Random state rolls

    I'm making a "gunner" class that will have this as a possibility; every attack he does will give one of 4 random states which I will describe as several bullet types (to simulate a reload effect on top of consuming a bullet) which occur on the next skill/shot (and thus do not need timers)...
  8. Poppie360

    Party member attack to variable issue

    Hi, im having a small issue with the map based battle system i'm making. i cannot set a variable of the ATK of a party member. here's a screenshot of the section of the event and the respective error atributed to it: any help is appreciated, as i haven't been able to find a solution to this yet.
  9. frustratedlad

    Variable Troubles

    I have a quest where the player needs to kill 10 slimes and 5 rats. So I set up two variables one for slimes and one for rats. I've seen another thread where they said you can't make it dependent on if the enemy dies, so I put in the troop tab to increase the variable by a specific number at the...
  10. Trasdill

    Help on Variable-Based Attack Command

    Hi All, I'm trying to get the Attack Skill for my actors to be based on a variable - in other terms, rather than having a single set "Attack" skill, the "Attack" command actually triggers whichever Skill ID is returned by a designated variable. (Note: this assumes actors can and have learned...
  11. OmnislashXX

    Help with an Event

    The above picture above is the contents. So this was working before just fine, but I decided to see if I could edit it a little further. Originally this Common Event is supposed to happen on the Overworld Map, but it would randomly keep raining on different maps. I wanted to basically branch it...
  12. amptcat

    Dealing damage based on a selected G amount

    So what i want to do is have a skill open a choice box where i select a gold amount (i'm content with the six choice slots, but if someone knows how to select any number, please let me know) From there i want the choice to take the selected amount of G away from the party, set a variable to that...
  13. Adding new variables to Game_Party? (SOLVED)

    After taking a few days to ensure that the necessary objects are working properly, I've run into problems adding a variable to Game_Party to keep a glossary of important information in RPG Maker MV. The idea is that I should be able to access the new variable via the Script command in events to...
  14. Variables and Condition Switches

    I am kinda considered a RPGMaker VX Ace Amateur, and have no knowledge of Scripting yet, but however I have to ask something. I am working on different types of events and how they work, but I have a question on Switches and Variables. What is the exact purpose of them and how do they work?
  15. Random Event Variable Help?

    So I know this has been posted before but the things I've found are not quite what I'm looking for. So basically I'm making an event where you steal from a chest (I got that part down) and if you select yes, you have a 50/50 chance of getting caught by the manager. If you get caught, you go...
  16. Aryam777

    Can you use var in a text as pointer to another var?

    What I mean is if you can do something like this: ex. \v[ v[7] ] While Yanfly's extended messages allows to display item icons and text, it only works when you input a specific number (like \ii[7]), however I would like a message to display a previously selected item. I already know the item's...
  17. LynX

    Normal Item ID to variable script command

    Hi how's going script for geting item ID to variable ?? I mean normal items like potions ?

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