1. RMMZ Variable-based meters poping up on the main screen in MZ

    I'm trying to find a plug-in that, like the title says, displays a progress meter on the screen related to the value of a variable and some kind of adjustable maximum (possibly also a variable). My game is tracking concepts like Stamina, Hunger, etc, so I want that information to be readily...
  2. guking

    How do I set set a variable that changes when another variable changes?

    Hey! So, I'm making a system that every day a store gets a random supply demand, but I'm not really sure how to set up that. The idea is: the player will choose which item he will go out and collect, so he will see what the store is lacking and set up a quest to go out and get it for the...
  3. omnaeon

    Checking input against for variables to unlock padlock.

    I have an event set up that generates four random numbers between one and ten, this all runs fine. I want the player to look for these numbers and use them to unlock a padlock, so I have them enteringen the numbers. But I can't figure out how to check the input variable against the four...
  4. Speedvore

    RMMZ [Solved] Need Help with Storing Values within an Array Variable

    I'm working on making a custom battle system that uses character friendship points to determine various mechanics. I'm currently having trouble efficiently tracking these friendship stats between characters. The game I'm working on is planned to have tons of playable characters, much like Chrono...
  5. tale

    Dice MV

    KURAGE_Dice - 2017/08/03 Creator name: Y.KURAGE Introduction Dice plugin with pictures and rolling animation. img/pictures is where 6 dice images are used. Note: Picture 1 is default for dice picture from plugin parameters. Pictures and sounds are included in project download. Features -...
  6. Aquin25

    Looking for Aid/Advice

    So... I was hoping to implement a relationship system into my game, similar to the SL system in the persona games. Most of it has been handled just fine via the event system and variables, but I was hoping for a way to display the current level in the relationship between the MC and the party...
  7. Doopis_Doop

    Calculate attack in battle and use that calculation to attack

    I Want to make the combat random. What I did was make a random common event that basically says: I want to do all that before the attack, which is the normal attack skill. It's it at all possible? I know I can set the formula to be the variable and I know how to do that, but I want to set...
  8. Formulas using self variables

    So, in my game I'm making upgrade-able skills, where variables are used to change the cost, potency, number of hits, etc. I quickly realized that this approach under normal means would take up a most of the variables in my game (about 20-25 skills took around 100 variables between them), so I...
  9. Monkeynugget

    Foldering Pictures & Variable Dependent Clothing Parts

    This is a simple something whilst we wait for somebody far better to come up with the onscreen breathing avatar plugin I have seen many game examples of an on-screen character avatar that breathes, blinks and changes outfit but these to my knowledge have always been bespoke and not part of a...
  10. Black Pagan

    How do i event an Evolving Encounter Rate ?

    In a Game I'm Currently working on, The Player can raid various Maps at night as each day passes, From the safety of the Shelter. New Challenging Raid maps are introduced every few Days. Depending on the number of times you visit the Raid maps, The Encounter rate increases on these Raid Maps...
  11. adder

    Add item with variable

    Hi, I would like to know if it would be possible to add an object based on one variable and the quantity based on another variable, I am trying to do it through the script call $ gameParty.gainItem ($ dataItems [itemId], n); But I don't know how to add in variable 1 in "itemId" and in variable...
  12. Qbrain

    Multiple skill Level 99(XP count via variables) help please

    Below I posted how my skill system will show up on the main menu (done with OrangeHUD) so you get a better idea what I'm trying to explain. I made a skill system (like a famous old skool mmrpg) and the conditional branch attached is how I keep track of those XP and levels, but is there an easier...
  13. Assigning variable to actor ID during battle.

    I'm having trouble with assigning variables to an actor's ID during battles. At the moment, I have an item that, when used, sets a variable (35) to the ID of the actor using it, and then calls a common event that does conditional processing. It works great outside of battles, but does not...
  14. Vis_Mage

    Alternate Set Variable Script Call

    Hey there, Could someone please help me with an odd, but presumably simple mini plugin? What I'm hoping to do is create an alternate set variable script call with the same syntax as Ace. For example, this is the command in Ace: $game_variables[1533] = "Text here!" Ideally, the plugin would be...
  15. [RMMV] Change variable based on player outrunning or being outrun by moving event

    At first I thought checking player and event coordinates using regions would work, but there's two problems: not enough regions and too many regions to keep track of. So here's what I want to do, but don't know how to do it: In my game Horseventure, I have a race on a race track that the player...
  16. _Soysauce_

    Script call check if a variable is even or odd

    Hi everyone, I've been wanting to make a simple conditional branch where I would check if a variable is even or odd. At first I was thinking it wouldn't have been a big deal, as I could simply check if the variable can be divided by 2 and check the result. Then I realized there's no basic...
  17. Help! Variable Issue

    Pardon me if this is in wrong place, I am new here xD I am trying to make variable check. First the script get number of item ID 1 and sets it as variable. Then conditional branch checks it. But it ends like this in test. What's gone wrong here? Thank you in advance!
  18. CuddleFox

    Increasing a variable with an item without using a common event

    Usually when you use an item that calls a common event, the menu closes, and the common event is played. But I programmed my menu myself in another common event. And I modified the script that calls the menu to call my common event menu instead. So when I use an item that calls a common event...
  19. FiercestPixel

    MOG Time System Minute Variable?

    Given how popular Moghunter's Time System plugin is, I'm sure this question has been asked before. I'd like to create my own custom time hud using Mog's TS plugin. As the title suggests, how would I go about setting up a variable that uses the plugin's minutes? There's a script command I found...
  20. tale

    Item Call Script

    ItemCallScript - Version 1.0.0 (2018/09/16) Creator name: Triacontane Introduction Create an item or skill that will run any script when used. Note: Javascript knowledge is required for use. Instructions- Specify the following in the item or skill note box: <call:insert script here>...

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