1. FrozenFacade

    RMMV Trying to call a variable number in another script... (MV)

    Hey all, I am unsure as to how to actually use a variable number in the middle of a script after setting it. $gameMap.event(10).canPass(x, 14, 4) Basically I just need to know how to make "x" in this script be the number attached to variable#78. (I realized now I should've put this under the...
  2. How to make time pass with every step in overworld?

    Basically, I'm creating a parallel event in the overworld that adds +1 to a time variable with every step the player takes. This time variable cannot reset when the player enters an area, but it has to be reset at the beginning of every day. Furthermore, events like sleeping at an inn can also...
  3. Risciaven

    How do I save a spellcaster's ID into a variable?

    Hello, everyone! Good afternoon! Sorry to be bothering you all again so soon! So, I'm trying to make a spell that forcibly equips a weapon onto the hand of whoever cast it, and although I've got most of what I want to do to achieve that figured out, I'm having immense trouble making the spell...
  4. Event Help that's step sensitive

    I'm looking to create an event that triggers per every 100 steps taken, then resets the number of steps take to zero. Let me be more specific. I want to create a mechanic where the main character has a lantern with lamp oil. When she runs out of lamp oil (per every 100 steps) the room turns...
  5. arcadekitten

    Is there any way possible to have more than 5000 switches/variables (and be able to see them in the editor)?

    The TL; DR of this is that I was planning to make a game in Unity using the Adventure Creator plugin(which feels a lot like RPGMaker to me in many ways!) But as I'm sure anyone is aware of right now, Unity has really mucked up their reputation recently and unless AC is ported somewhere else, I...
  6. Zakarijazh

    Script for random variables

    Trying to figure out how I can script a variable to randomly select between a set group of numbers, out of sequence. EG: 155 to 157 AND 171-174 EG: 181, ,189, 193, 194, etc.
  7. How to add Variable

    Greetings, Rpg Maker community i got a question on how to add a +1 variable when random monster encounter on the map. Because when i put a +1 var on a NPC it works and when i add +1 var in the random encounter in the database it doesn't. Thank you
  8. losdos

    How To Work The Variable Location Event?

    Hello, a pleasure to meet you all! I'm running into a bit of a trouble that internet spelunking doesn't seem to be resolving. I will try to be as concise and clear as possible. But first, a little background. I'm currently trying to figure out how to have the "Move to Variable Location" event...
  9. kyonides

    Single Quest Title ACE

    Single Quest Title ACE by Kyonides Introduction A forumer once asked any of the available scripters to come up with a way to show the current quest's title on screen the same way the map name is displayed on the map. Well, now it is possible! :D The user also wanted to use some game...
  10. Dumango

    Event Coditions

    Hello, there is a way to change "≥" in the variable conditions (≤, <, >, =)? When I used to play RPG Maker FES on the 3DS I remember this feature. Thanks.
  11. PachucoCadaver

    Script call for setting a variable to an enemy's EXP amount?

    Hi! Is there a way to get the exp of an enemy with a script call? In the normal Variable command, the enemy EXP value cannot be referenced, the drop down menu is restricted to enemy's HP, ATK, DEF, AGI, LUK etc, not EXP. I'm creating a system where, the player can raise fallen enemies as...
  12. Ghoost

    RMMZ Plugin that sets the face in 'show text' to always be a predetermined face, instead of the default 'none' option?

    Normally, when you created a showtext event command, the face will by default always be set to the (none) option. I'm making a point and click game, so 99% of the text is going to be spoken by the main character, which means there's almost never going to be text showing that doesn't have the...
  13. isaias20

    Enemies don't appear in game data.

    Sorry if it may seem like a silly question, i am new in rpg maker mv. I want to assign enemy health points from database to a variable but these enemies don't appear as such, instead they all appear with a question mark (as if there were no enemies) It's very strange because in the "enemies"...
  14. Animebryan

    Need Script Call to do Conditional check on Party's Gold in comparison to a variable

    By default, Conditional Branch options only let you check if your party's gold is either ≥, ≤ or < than a specific number, but doesn't give the option to compare it to a variable. I tried looking through the MZ Script Call list but finding & piecing together the entire script call is like...
  15. kyonides

    RMMV [RMMZ] Variable Scopes

    I wanted to ask you guys how the scope of variables work in Javascript to learn how they get affected depending on the place they are declared. In Ruby I know that a local variable can be used inside any method and need to be passed to another method as an argument. The same happens in C, C++...
  16. kyonides

    Problems with Arrays in JS

    I was trying to let the plugin read a predefined array by looking for any of its elements like this array[position]. I kept getting an UNDEFINED object instead. Curiously, whenever I left something like array[2] with no index variable involved, it was able to log the result in the console or...

    How to Store Previous Attack's Damage in Variable

    Hello, I want to add an achievement that's given when 10,000 cumulative damage is outputted by actors. To do this, for every attack that is done by an actor, I need to add the damage that was done in that attack to a "totalDamage" variable. How would I receive the damage value of an attack using...
  18. kenny341jack

    RMMV Get variable value into Javascript

    Hello, there's a plugin about input name. There's a description text "Input a name" and "Press ENTER when ready" shown like this You can change through parameter from plugin manager I want to know about this In short, I want set a string on variable and from Javascript call that...
  19. remainderstudios

    RMMV show variable value on inventory

    Hello everyone. I would like if someone can please make a small plugin that shows the value of a variable in the inventory (items tab). (MV) View this picture: I want to display the value of a particular variable because that variable stores the number of slots available in the inventory...
  20. Kazuo

    How to get the Critical rate value in a variable / menu ?

    Hi, I'm searching to get the crit value, for showing it on a text box or in the menu, but i dont find the answer. I'm using Visustella battlecore & main menu. I can get the attack, def, (etc) value with a variable, but crit. chance is missing. There is any way to get this value and put it in...

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