1. metronome

    Show certain variable window on map

    So far I have been using Yanfly's Map Gold Window plugin. You can basically show a window with the number of gold you have during gameplay with certain icon and certain icon on your game screen. Now, instead of gold, I would like to be able to show certain variable in that window...., and I...
  2. yuyu!

    [Solved] Remove item by variable? (script call question)

    Hi, there! :) I have two issues with script calls and I was hoping someone might be able to lend me a hand. It feels like I'm missing something really simple here... (1) When using "select item" the item's id is stored in variable #12 and I would like to have a script call automatically...
  3. gRaViJa

    Show a variable on the screen

    I want to show a HUD during a minigame only. For this I have to show the values of some variables on the screen. It should be easy to move the position and toggle them on and off. Is there a way to do this through events? Or is there a small script for this out there? Thx,
  4. PhoenixX92

    Need help with script inside of a variable.

    Ok, I'm using YanFly's common event shop to be able to smith weapons, armor, etc, but I seem to have encountered a problem... I'm trying to put this in the variable script: $game_party.item_number($data_items[153]) However, the window cuts me off at this...
  5. LynX

    Khas Block for SAS IV coldown taken from variable

    Hi is there a way to change this script to take value for blocking time and blocking coldowns from specified game variable? Is this really hard to change?  #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# * [ACE] SAS IV...
  6. Yanfly Message Plugin Question

    Is it possible to have the item to be shown in \ii[x] be a variable?   example: \ii[x} x=variable#3 I am drying to to a random of 100 differnt items so it would save a lot of if statements, if it is possible. thank you.
  7. Script issue do i have this script right?

    HI, I am wondering if I got something wrong on the following script. $gameVariables.setValue(3, $dataItems[$gameVariables.value(1)]); So what I am trying to do is Game Variable #3= the quantity of a specific item which is determined by the vaule of  Variable 1. Example1: Item #1 is a...
  8. pinatacookies

    Split Gold Function

    Please help! I am making a game, and when the player enters a specific event, I want them to lose half of their money. How do I make that happen??? Control variables are working no matter what. Thanks. If you need more information, just ask.
  9. Calling Common event with Variables buggy or misuse? Player XY info

    I spent several hours trying to figure out why my player position kept being positioned wrong after an event triggered the death of another character. It seems to be that for some odd reason calling Common Events to store Variables is my mistake or a bug. The odd thing is the problem only...
  10. HalcyonDaze

    Variable HUD

    I've noticed a disturbing lack of variable HUDs for MV. I know Hudell made one but the one Nicke made for Ace was perfect for my project. Does anyone want to take a look and possibly port the Ace version to MV? It seems fairly simple, at least to a layman. ...
  11. Bonkers

    Simple Bar Display with Variable control

    Similar to Galv's I'd like a plug in that does the same features and works with a graphic to display a variable when called to do so. I have seen Galv has started to convert his original scripts from ACE to MV, but I...
  12. Variable Help

    I am trying to set up a variable so that it contains a string.  Later, I want to be able to reference that variable. I've uploaded a bit of code that works just fine and then a second bit of code that doesn't work. Why does the game forget about the variable I just set up?
  13. Is it possilbe to use a variable in a switch? (script)

    I am creating a lot of custom items that do various effects, and check certain switches are on for them to work. if i can do this it saves a lot of work. Below is an example of what I'm trying to do. --------------------------------------------------------...
  14. LectroNyx

    Death Counter Plugin!

    Hey guys! So I had an idea for a plugin, and I need YOUR help... for a death counter! Here's how it works - You assign each actor a variable (say... actorDeaths001, actorDeaths002, actorDeaths003, actorDeaths004). It starts off as zero - but, as soon as they get the Death status condition...
  15. Show Variable and Text on Screen on Map

    I've seen lots of scripts and threads on this for RPG Maker VX Ace, but none (that work properly) for RPG Maker XP. How do I show a variable on the screen and text on the map at all times, if a certain switch is on? By text on screen, I mean like this script for Ace at this website...
  16. Zheg

    variable based on how many enemies still alive in battle?

    i dont know if this work $game_variables[1] = $game_troop.membersplease help  thanks
  17. BlueCorvid

    Variables not being set with coordinates.

    I'm only just starting to try out this program, so I'm just following some tutorials but I'm already having problems, haha! This is my event: Note the four lines after the first comment. I'm trying to set those variables to the player's and the event's coordinates. I've got a text box that...
  18. Chester

    How to store EXP to variable?

    How do I store a character's EXP to variable? Thanks!
  19. Erk

    Displaying a variable switch in Luna quest menu

    Hi, I have some knowledge about C# but ruby is completely new for me so I've run into a problem. *Look at the attached photo* I've found out how to adjust window sizes and so on, but what I would like to do is to display the text in the top left corner as shown on the attached photo. I've...
  20. LynX

    Take acion for specifed event by its name

    Hi there all ! :) I was hoping You will help me with my one problem... Is there any way of selecting action for event (move route, teleport) for event by it's name ? 

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