1. frustratedlad

    Variable Troubles

    I have a quest where the player needs to kill 10 slimes and 5 rats. So I set up two variables one for slimes and one for rats. I've seen another thread where they said you can't make it dependent on if the enemy dies, so I put in the troop tab to increase the variable by a specific number at the...
  2. Guardinthena

    Random Variable Adds to a Variable

    This little problem of mine is over my head. I've tried to find other forums that discuss the matter, and though they have shed insight, it has not solved my problem. I am attempting to set up an item in my game that is called 'Coin Pouch.' It is tied to a common event that is supposed to...
  3. userlame

    [SOLVED] Setting a variable to this.item's id

    I want part of a script to set a variable to the currently selected item's id. I've tried $gameVariables.setValue(2, this.itemId); and all sorts of wacky versions of that. I guesssss I'm misunderstanding something...
  4. Flicker789

    How to include/show variables from Plugin into ingame?

    Hi guys, so I managed to create an "test.js" file. In this JS file, I have a function "function go(){ var test = "message";} My problem now is, I don't get it how can I show this content of my variable "test" ingame? Example: Hello $test how are you today? How can I print or show this...
  5. Adding Command To Menu and making it do something.

    I goto select my new command for bestiary, but it won't do anything except freeze game even though i have common event set to do something. Heres the code:
  6. Trying to create an enemy detection system, need a second opinion.

    The idea behind this was that I wanted something where the enemies had a detection range and when you walked into it, an event started, whether it be a battle starts or it just gives you a game over (haven't decided yet). I looked up some stuff on this but pretty much everything I found was...

    How to create a sequence of buttons..?

    First of all, a warm greeting to the entire community. I hope you are fine. Ok, to the point. I've been trying for a few days to create a sequence of buttons. A button is shown on the screen that you must press (example, button ''A''). When pressed, another button will be displayed immediately...
  8. Dreadshadow

    Store target into variable

    So I was wondering... we can call a Common event from a Skill. Let's say we want to refer to a targeted enemy inside the common event of that skill and make a conditional branches and do stuff by probabilities and stuff. How can I set a variable to contain the targeted enemy? I know how to set...
  9. Nightblade50

    Variable vs Variable comparison on Event Pages!

    Wow, this sounds really good! I would love to see this! I voted "Yes".
  10. OmnislashXX

    Help with an Event

    The above picture above is the contents. So this was working before just fine, but I decided to see if I could edit it a little further. Originally this Common Event is supposed to happen on the Overworld Map, but it would randomly keep raining on different maps. I wanted to basically branch it...
  11. Midnight Kitty

    Armor Variable increase

    I have multiple common events being called for certain functions in my game. One which checks the player's given dexterity that I want to be able to add to with equip-able armor etc. The trouble is instead of adding it just once every time it is checked it adds 2, I wanted to know if there is a...
  12. Storing enemy stats/attributes inside variables to apply in Damage Formula, won't work.

    Hi guys, this is actually my first time posting a thread on this website. I hope I am easy to understand. I have the following situation: I have assigned certain enemy attributes to variables for each of them. I used the command "Control Variables" In this case for: enemy ID #5 Current HP -->...
  13. Midnight Kitty

    Need Help adding variables + Checking minimum

    I have a small problem trying to add some variables together as it gives me the following error message. ◆Control Variables:#0009 d6_num1 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0010 d6_num2 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0011 d6_num3 = Random 1..6 ◆Control Variables:#0012 d6_num4 = Random 1..6...
  14. l3m35

    Underscore prefixes in vars

    This: Both .level and ._level are accessible, and as I just read here, it's not a Javascript thing, just a convention (that I don't know why it's used in this case). My doubt is: is there any difference using one or another? Like: $gameParty.members()[0]._level Or it should be...
  15. AquaticChaos

    Upon Game Over, a variable becomes equal to last EnemyID

    Let's say I want to create custom game over text based on the last enemy that went (AKA the one to cause you to lose). But how would I do this with variables? Like, get the enemy ID of the last enemy that attacked, then make the variable equal to it. That, or am I missing something much easier?
  16. Gold variable?

    First off: Hi, I'm new to rpg maker forums! I dont know if I posted in the right thread but I've run into a little problem. I made a mini game in a bar using Galv's wheel of fortune plug-in. It costs money in my game but I'm not sure how to set variables so you can't play if you have under 20...
  17. Setting Enemy HP as a Variable

    Hello, I am new to RPG Maker MV and am trying to set up a system to detect when an enemy has less than 50% health left. I wanted to make a variable to detect the enemies max HP using Control variables and using the game data option, but in the enemies tab it only has question marks, it doesnt...
  18. Magusalfador

    Increase kill count and place it on a Variable?

    Hi! Im using ths plugin: This plug in stores the kill count for every actor. What I need is to place the kill count on a variable when a SPECIFIC actor makes the kill. Sounds easy but I cant get it to work with this code (the code is...
  19. Broyi

    Getting the average of variables?

    Hello! I need help with setting up a variable. I need to get the average of four variables, and save that average in a fifth variable, and I have no clue how to do it. :rswt Also, another question. The average is probably going to be an inexact number. How does RMVXA write it out in a dialogue...
  20. Animebryan

    Need a plugin to display a variable in a window

    I need a plugin to display a variable in a window, particularly during a number entry. I have an event set up to act as a Gold Vault where you can withdraw & deposit gold. It's important that the player knows how much is stored in the vault (variable) when entering the withdrawal amount, other...

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